The conversation series 2 – Merkel and Hollande

I’m sort of grateful that it is not Germany that is manufacturing the next Hitler
This Hitler wants Europe dead.

Was surprised when May fell into his arms.
She is desperate for company after Brexit. Did you see the way her spindly legs walked beside Trump’s bullish figure?
Dinner with the Devil; they even held hands!
Yes. We don’t know what else they held!

Don’t go that way please…..
If you say so….
After the fright Hitler gave Britain in the Second World War Britain has become a bride looking for American protection even in times of peace
Why then did they run out of the European Union after all the concessions we gave them?
Beats the imagination!

But the Devil’s doctrine is catching on. My countrymen are also likely to elect a French equivalent.
Possible, very possible. We are being rejected; the world as we knew it is dying.
The extremists are not making it any easier. A tourist comes from Egypt to stab a French soldier and stupidly screams Allah Akbar
Sometimes I really feel all Muslims should be confined to their homeland.

Perhaps Trump is right
May be he has the courage to say things that we feel
But we can’t say this in public
Let others say it
When we brought down the Berlin wall the world cheered us. America claimed victory; now its America that is building walls
Even in Europe our people want us to build virtual walls. The upsurge in the number of refugees in the world is a challenge.

I think the rich world simply want to push the poor back into their homelands.

We need to provide leadership so that there would world prosperity else the poor will always come knocking on our doors or pushing them down
What if our people push our type out?
They may triumph in the short run. There is no way we can’t build the 21st century with closed doors and xenophobia.
Wish African leaders would rise to the occasion and make the continent a little bit comfortable for its citizens.

South Africa that started with so much promise simply slipped into the old disease. The polygamist clown who calls himself president should be in the zoo
Don’t dignify him with a zoo please. He should be in the wild forest of the Amazon
Then his counterpart in Zimbabwe! At 93 years of age he still clings to power
Well, he says he would step down only if the Queen does so
What’s the parallel?

Ask me!
Then Nigeria! When we supported the current people to push out the last administration did we expect this kind of vacuous leadership?
Let’s give them time to find their feet.
I believe we should groom a new set of youthful leaders to run the country. Lets identify some Oxford-trained economists to lead the country.
I’m afraid it won’t work
They will simply copy our models and tamely imposed them here!
If Obama were Caucasian the opposition would not have been so bad, so vitriolic.

Yeah. A gentleman; we shall miss him
I miss him already. To have power and use it sparingly is a sign of inner strength.
He never shoved anybody around.

The current man is a bully of the first order
Now he’s threatening Iran! If he wishes let him nuclear-bomb Iran to please Israel
I don’t think he can stand the storm!
He acts now and thinks later; a very dangerous man
He and Putin are different sides of a coin
Did you witness Trump’s Ambassador to the UN attack and condemn Russia?
Of course I did. Discordant tunes from one administration
I guess he never ran his business like that
Naaah! He was Mr. You are fired!

At this rate he will fire himself
I go to bed worried about the state of the world! Will it explode in our time?
Why is hatred increasing?
And xenophobia. With the global village slogan I thought we would move into a more friendly era in the world.

Nationalism is winning the day. It didn’t help before; it sure will fail again!
There’s a video in circulation where Trump ordered security men to expel a journalist who insisted on asking his questions
Shocking. He’s an American. But we heard Trump’s aide telling him to go back to his country.

Perhaps Native Americans would soon tell the rest to go back to their countries. Surprised he hasn’t gone after Blacks yet.
That would be volatile. It would show his mind too early. I guess right wingers will start the campaign on his behalf and he would look the other way when policemen slaughter innocent blacks.

Soon European citizens would start resenting Americans.
I don’t think it would get to that. Too many links, too many associations.

By the way what’s this talk about Califor-exit?
Americans have a way of expressing dissent. I doubt if any State would like to leave the Union.
But in the new world anything can happen.
I guess so.

How would Winston Churchill have reacted to Trump?
Hmmmmmm. Can’t conjecture. After some good shots of brandy, or is it whiskey I’m sure he would have told him some hard truths.
We should pose that question to the Headmistress of Britain when we meet her in Malta!
The world is getting messy
Well, you have sometime more to be in office. You’ve done three terms and want to do a fourth?
Yes. I want to give it a shot.

So worry about it. I’m going to enjoy my retirement and live happily ever after. Trudeau sounds like the real Statesman from North America. Not the blabbing Clown of Hotel Towers!
Well, he’s the best America could give. We got to work with him we need American military strength to confront Russia.
But with Trump disparaging NATO Germany has to build up strong! Just in case he abandons Europe as America once did…
Was she dragged in or she looked for a reason to intervene in order to save face?
History confuses me sometimes.

Trump is that confusion personified!

• Eghagha is a member of The Guardian Editorial Board

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