Small note to governor-elect, Dr. Fayemi


Dear Dr. Fayemi

Sir: Victory is sweet! Very soothing! After victory comes the burden of how to maintain and sustain victory. If I were you, while I am still savoring my immense victory, I will go to the best defacto place to cry for divine wisdom to solving our solvable problems in Ekiti. I will honestly prescribe the toilet in your room for you as a defacto crying room. Remember, cozy toilet is the best place to cry profusely to get inspiration and a divine catalyst to stimulate our cognitive abilities to think, process our thoughts and see beyond parochial and mundane.

Please, take cognizance of this unsolicited advice, put it into careful consideration sir! It will assist you a great dea. Don’t get inspiration from antiparty and antipathy agents. Reflect on the past and present to shape the future of Ekiti kete. People are not happy with your party-APC, as they are much more opposed and disgruntled to the rape of the people in Ekiti nay Nigeria by the People Democratic party! People see the two major parties as birds of the same feathers with chameleonic tendency for hedonism and instant gratification. You won the last election because of the garrulity of egbon Fayose and the deceitful nature of his party and his administration.

Governance is a big business. It’s ain’t a joke. Please, go back to the drawing board to create a template to discussing and resolving immediate problems of our neglected and dehumanized people in Ekiti. Process the noises emanating from the marketplace of ideas. Do not patronize the market where people traffic in hate and resentment. Hashtag and execute a people-orientated programme that will bring friends and foes together for the common good of Ekiti people. Take into consideration too, the wailing of wailers from the other divides crying more than the politically bereaved people in Ekiti. You’re not a circumstantial governor-elect but a providential one whom God has bestowed on a “second chance!” to get it right! It is a rare opportunity!

This writer believes very strongly in second chance to rewrite a noxious history. Getting it right will trigger a conscious effort from all stakeholders to build a purposeful administration that will be etched in the sand of time. Your second chance must correct the mistakes of the first chance. When you try to save yourself from yourself, and you have not made any honest introspection, you will end up damaging yourself more!

Please, be armed with this advice while you are being mindful of the past to cleave or shape the future of Ekiti people. Leadership requires a carefully calibrated approach to achieving success in a difficult and contradictory environment like ours. Be a magnificent representation of the good people of Ekiti. We are tired of political prostitution and machnations. May Almighty God give you the wisdom, knowledge and understanding to unite people, and go above board to resolving our basic physiological needs and problems in Ekiti. A hungry man is an angry man. Take a deep breath to improving the bruised self-esteem of our hapless citizens in Ekiti state!
Ekiti a gbe kete ra o l’Ekiti!

Yahaya Balogun wrote from the sunshine state of Arizona. USA

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