Real Buharists should be against Buhari’s handlers

Ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in a group photograph with President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

Sir: I am one of the Buharists. I have no apology for loving Buhari for his zero tolerance for corruption and indiscipline. When we cry in the midst of unrepentant enemies, the onus is on us to see, even with cloudy eyes, the enemies within. These people do not wish President Muhammadu Buhari well, but funnily enough, Buhari’s success is their success. President Buhari and his handlers are not managing the crisis of trust and doubt hanging over his administration. They squander every opportunity to put to shame Buhari’s adversaries and other social media ants.

Who is advising Buhari not to talk to Nigerians? If he is indisposed, why is he talking to American President Donald Trump and not talking to millions of Nigerians? What’s wrong with a president to break his silence to douse the anxiety over his state of health? After all, Buhari does not belong to Buhari and his family alone, Buhari belongs to all Nigerians.

If Buhari could converse with the President of the United States from London, and put 170 million Nigerians in a needless cooler or
suspense, we need to raise eyebrows as a people. Who is more important? The president of another country or the people whose lives are dependent upon him and his administration.

Buhari should know that American interests are more sacrosanct to the American leader. Nigeria is potentially a great nation, otherwise, Trump would not have considered Nigeria first as a nation to have conversation with him before other African countries. Nigeria is a potentially powerful nation if it gets its priority right. No serious nation in the world will underrate the endowment and impeccable human capital of Nigerians.

As we wish Buhari safe trip back to Nigeria, we will continue to support him in his mission to rescue us from the past. We will not be
pretentious or keep silent to bring out any gaffe with constructive criticisms of the Buhari’s administration. We are all involved.

Meanwhile, we must demand conversation from Mr. President with the Nigerian people at least, now that he is favourably disposed to having conversations with people. He should extend the same gesture to the citizens of Nigeria. This is imperative to calm the nerves of the anxious and expectant people who are so bothered and concerned about his health and the state of the nation.

•Yahaya Balogun, Arizona, USA.

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  • real

    President buhari does not have the capacity or ability to govern, it is that simple. In the last two week, look at what the vice president has done. he has manage to calm the nerves of protesters. he has brought new light to the niger delta region and the SE. He is traveling across the country listening to Nigeria and putting policies in place. There comes a time when people must swallow the hard pills that says buhari is not what we voted for. I think a year and few month is good enough time to make that decision, especially in light of his policies and lack of action.