Prof. Handel, Buhari and Dasuki





SIR: I read Professor Ducor Handel’s extremely emotional article in no less a paper than The Guardian of September 20, 2015.

The views of that learned professor are sacrosanct and must be respected. I believe also that many who do not occupy professorial chairs should be given the carte blanche to respond if there are grey areas, but of course not to join issues for its sake but for development.

It is not for nothing that a well-trained officer (even though some are not) is referred to as, “an officer and a gentleman.” Why does the learned one assume like many people that the supposed arrest of Buhari by Dasuki in 1985 is responsible for Dasuki’s travails today with the present government, owing to the former’s desire to settle account with the latter?

I am not Buhari’s public relations consultant but it beggars belief. A well-trained General understands that a junior officer sent to arrest him on a coup day is only carrying out orders of the puschists.

A professor should give us more than what everybody knows. Colonel Abdulmumini Aminu ( rtd) and a select few arrested Buhari as Head of State, following orders from above. How Sambo Dasuki was linked to it is befuddling, because this information is in the public domain. Aminu I recall granted a feature interview on this issue the other day. And how Professor Ducor missed this before he rushed to the press with his article beats me. One wishes that an article should be well researched, with facts just as reviewer is not overwhelmed by emotion when jotting his reviews.

The writer in the bid to rush off his thoughts named Buhari as the arrowhead that plotted the overthrow of President Shagari. He missed the point by a thousand miles.

Writers need to be devoted to safeguard systems in place. Everything need not be on vendetta but our people hardly reflect this in their dealings with others.

• Simon Abah, Port Harcourt, Rivers State

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