Poor service by pay TV provider

SIR: I need to draw the attention of all concerned to indecent and inhumane treatment that Multichoice Nigeria has been subjecting customers to. I find it very disheartening and totally embarrassing that GoTV will suspend my account despite the fact that I paid 4500 (1500 for three months) on March 31, 2015 few days after purchasing a new GoTV decoder, which comes with one-month promo. I recall an agent mentioning to an agent who called me last week that I have three months subscription effective April 23, 2015 on my account. It is this indecent customer service and poor service that led me to discontinuing my DSTV subscription service.

It is criminal that Multichoice will mete the same inhumane treatment that it has subjected Nigerians to on DSTV platforms to subscribers on GoTV platforms as well. This inhuman and poor customer service treatment has to stop. For crying out loud, where is the provision of the Consumer Protection Act in respect of this level of service delivery.

I am lodging formal complaints to all relevant regulatory agencies (that is if they are awake to their responsibilities). I would not have any other option than to resort to the use of civil rights organisations until this indecent treatment of Nigerian consumers by exploitative South African businesses is stopped.
This nonsense has to stop.

•Babajide Adebiyi, Lagos.

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  • Odus

    What exactly is your point? Please go over your complaint and see if it makes any sense to you or any reader.