NYSC scheme, the change we need


SIR: Another set of Corps members has passed out of the compulsory one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme. But for these youths, who left the comfort of their homes to serve their father’s land, what hope lies in the future for them?

Unemployment among the virile youths in Nigeria has made our youths vulnerable to social inequalities, making them a tool for destruction and destabilisation of the peace of the nation. The future of any country lies in its youths.

The NYSC scheme, which ought to be a nurturing ground in preparing the youth corps members for the challenges ahead in the society, has failed, as graduates now see it as a waste of time. The NYSC needs total overhaul and revamping to meet present day needs and national issues.

Entrepreneurship and national integration should be more focused upon by the NYSC, not just on paper but in action and implementation. The government should figure out a certain percentage of corps members in each batch for automatic employment into its ministries, departments and agencies at all levels of government. This will boost the confidence, commitment and patriotism of the corps members in the service of their father land. Also, the government should give easier access to loans, which will be interest free for those who are interested in starting up their own businesses instead.

I plead with the government to use the NYSC scheme to create jobs for the youths by also creating a conducive environment for the private sector to grow so that our youth can be gainfully employed. To corps members who have served this great country diligently and faithfully, it’s a great privilege as it is an avenue to have practical knowledge about the country and its hidden potential.
• Adesina Oluwaseun,

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