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Sir: The Nigerian mass media ignores serious problems in their reports. They pretend as if Nigeria is a functional country whereas it is not.

There is no security, healthcare system or power. Yet the Nigerian media floods the airwaves with shallow news of Hollywood, football and music.

Playing calm music on air is not bad but it should not overshadow serious issues. One of the serious issues is that government pensioners are treated like slaves.

NTA is the only media house that features the plight of pensioners on a regular basis. Other media trumpet the activities of politicians and defend government policies.

Some even have the effrontery to defend owing of salaries and pension by state governments by saying that “the governors are only owing four months or five months” or that “civil servants should be more understanding because the money is being used for capital expenditure.”

Rubbish! governors and their deputies who earn crazy salaries and pensions are not understanding so why should the civil servants be.

The Nigerian press should air the plight of pensioners and civil servants every day until we have reforms that will enable pensioners and civil servants to live a more decent life with access to healthcare and affordable housing.

Philip Jimba wrote from Abuja.

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