Nigeria: Different governments, same policies, worse result

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Sir: After the election of Muhammadu Buhari as the president of this great nation (Nigeria), Nigerians were happy as they strongly believed that he is the one to take them to the promised land. I was one of those who campaigned and voted for him in the 2015 general elections. A Nigerian even trekked from Lagos to Abuja as part of the celebration for Buhari’s victory.

However, today, many Nigerians are disappointed as things are not happening the way they expect. The killings of innocent Nigerians by herdsmen, the epileptic power supply in many parts of the country, the removal of the fuel subsidy, partiality in the fight against corruption, where only the members of the opposition party are corrupt but those in the ruling party are regarded as saints, have led to disillusionment.

Nevertheless, the ongoing economic crisis (recession) in the country is further compounding issues and exposing the incompetence of the Buhari’s administration. The promised change of the ongoing regime is now regrettable by many Nigerians as hardship seems to be the very change that Nigerians were promised by the present government.

Notwithstanding, the excessive increase in the price of goods and services in the country and the government’s lackadaisical attitude is another issue of concern. The poor are only the victims of every unfortunate condition or situation created by each government in power.

At this point, let me advise Nigerians to pray earnestly for the success of this government and the survival of Nigeria and Nigerians. In God we trust.

Audu Gideon, Makurdi. Benue State.

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