Mrs. Buhari’s wrist watch, and distractions

Aisha Buhari

Aisha Buhari

SIR: I am surprised how some Nigerians react to matters that have nothing to do with the everyday existence of the ordinary man and woman, which is greatly imperiled by socio-economic circumstances.

I am saying this with the hindsight of the dust being raised over the cost of President Muhammadu Buhar’s wife wrist watch, which is trending now as a big distraction at a time when the country as a whole is facing fuel crisis, zero electricity supply, mass unemployment, high rate of poverty, insecurity, etc.

Instead of getting down to serious work on coming up with ideas and calling on government to urgently address this suffocating social deficiency, some people are busy engaging themselves with the cost of a wrist watch worn by the wife of Mr. President who is barely 15 days old in office.

By the way, how does being the wife of a President whose being exemplifies integrity, prudence, frugality and spartan lifestyle become synonymous with poverty or deceptively trying to live a life of deceit of being poor when you are not? Mrs. Buhari, for all we know, has never held public office and whatever she is putting on now must be a reflection of a hard working and rich woman who would not want to live a false life now and later expose her real self because like our people say, “eefin ni iwa”, meaning, character is like smoke.

Or have people forgotten that being the wife of an ex-general in a country gives you the privilege of mixing with the high and mighty, wherever you find yourself? A major malaise bedeviling our society today is that a lot of our people love to live a false lifestyle and later revert to their true colour, which exposes them to ridicule at the end of the day.

Nigerians voted for Buhari to bring about change in our life and country because of what he stands for and till date, he hasn’t changed. So for anybody to be prying into the lives of his family at this early stage of his administration might be a pointer that maybe, we are putting the cart before the horse which shouldn’t be, because the county is in dire stress for now and the cries of the people for help should be on the front burner instead of this distraction.

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  • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

    A senseless write-up. There can be no justification for Buhari’s wife wearing a $52k Cartier watch when he ( Buhari) is falsely projecting a Spartan existence. It has also come to light that Buhari owns a building lying and situate at 9, Udo Udoma Street, Asokoro, Abuja, that is reportedly worth N2.1b. So, who is fooling who? The writer’s attempt to pour cold water on an issue that borders on extravagance of a pretentious family fails rather woefully. Senile, illiterate certificate forger, perjurer and pedophile Buhari (of President Michelle of Western Germany fame) is a well-packaged fraud.

    • Emmanuel A.J

      I thought you lost your job as an e-rat. Your guile and bile are betraying your imbecillity. Whether he’s a fraud or not, whether his wife is extravagant or not, he is yet to be accussed of stealing from public funds to cater for his family. Until he is proven otherwise, stop singing your over-used lyrics of hate and bigotry. Go get a life. As you can see, serious minded Nigerians are not falling for your “President Michelle of Western Germany” childish rhetoric. Our nation has been plundered by your benefactors. We have serious business. You’re not Omooba, you are Omo ale. Period. I am just warming up!

    • Usher

      Are you referring to your father?

    • tee Boy

      Sorry MR. I can imagine your frustration. Buhari has been elected and there is nothing you can do, whether he forged certificate or nor. Can you compare his wealth with any of His peers even the wife of Jonathan.

      • Omooba Adekunle Orafidiya

        I intend to do something about the fraud. We are already in Court. Stay tuned.

        • Enyi Enyi

          Who are the “we”? Animal inhuman clothes!

        • yinka

          “we”, please get a life. If you have any associate, that person must have just been release from Aro hospital or a friend of yours while you are a patient at the hospital.

    • OKO

      If brains together with its functionability were visible in humans, yours would have been labelled a natural contortion of ugliness. From the flame you breathe, I cannot see you not poisoning your fellow humans even in your best of moods.