Making A Soldier A Democrat



Sir: Democracy could borrow strict adherence to orderliness of the military occasionally to strengthen its institutions. This is by no means to suggest the superiority of a military regime to democratic dispensation.

Nigerians who are politically aware sensed the leadership disaster in the country prior to the last presidential election. Call of duty prompted them to favor a retired military General.

The prayer is that the clannish and un-liberalised ideologies of a military mindset is divorced from that of a democratically-elected president. Many citizens alive can vividly recall the rigidity of the past military regimes.

Army officers brutalised civilians and imposed their will at no recourse to the masses, the aftermath of which was severe lack of development and a state of fear.

It is a common saying that old soldier never dies. However, one will beg the president to bury some of the intractable qualities that make military system unappealing. He should consult extensively within the confines of democracy before embarking on policy decisions.

Democracy is not a one-man show but rather a drama encompassing different frameworks. The qualities that made him an astute soldier could wind up causing his undoing as a democratically elected president.

The love of his people and followers could hamper his realisation that he is the president of a nation of many tribal and religious groups. Resoluteness of attempting to live up to the expectations of his zealous supporters could derail his focus of executing a fair governance.

Welcome to democracy! It will not take long before the president exhausts his grace period. There will not be military shield to protect him from the firing shots of opponents.

It is either he has the constitution on his side or he will face a hostile battle to complete his tenure. Nigeria is fortunate at this point in history to have President Buhari who is widely acclaimed to be a man of integrity.


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