When Buhari Is The Issue

SIR: It is clear that the PDP is trying to clutch at a straw as they see themselves drowning in the sea of irrelevance in Nigeria today. The secretary general of the PDP called Buhari a semi-literate jackboot. Their campaign publicity Director, one Fani Kayode said that General Buhari is not qualified for election as president. I ask if one was qualified the first time, second time and the third time, why is he not deemed qualified the fourth time when the requirements have not changed? 

  We know that ‘Febuhari’, (ala Femi Adesina) is supremely qualified for the election in terms of constitutional educational requirement. He went to primary and secondary schools in Nigeria and his classmates attest to his brilliance and seriousness in school. Those interviewed gave him credit for exceptional performance and seriousness in his studies. He followed this up with attendance in military schools both in Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

  To top it up he attended the American War College the highest of American military education. The administrator of the War College scores him in superlative terms as brilliant, outstanding and competent. Great American War leaders like Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower and Douglas Macarthur were graduates of the War College. General Eisenhower was President/Vice Chancellor of Columbia University one of the best five in the world before he became President of U.S in 1952. Douglas Macarthur one of America’s brightest military leaders was supreme commander, Far East, before emerging as executive Governor General of Japan after World War II.  He laid the foundation for Japanese economic resurgence.

  Also Winston Spencer Churchill a British middle level military officer of similar tradition resigned his commission and went into politics. He rose to become one of the greatest British Prime Ministers and one of the greatest world leaders of the 20th century. It is clear that Buhari, like these great ones before him will make Nigeria great. Buhari has good company in terms of his educational antecedents and the PDP is disgracing itself in falsely maligning his educational qualifications. 

• Donald Ike,

Caleb University, Imota, 


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