Time is up for President

SIR: For anyone who loves Nigeria passionately, the fact is undeniable that President Jonathan is total failure as a leader. It is not as if he wanted to lead in any way and some people are making things difficult for him. The truth must simply be told that the man cannot just lead. It is not in his nature. Merely looking at him reveals this. The body language is sufficiently informative. 

  My concern now is not so much about his personality as about how much harm his bad leadership has further destroyed Nigeria and dampened the hope of a better future for this country. The catastrophic consequences of his leadership and how it has made misery more abundant for the masses of our people is my primary concern. Sadly, the legacies of his bad governance will remain with us for a long time to come. To say the least, Africa’s most populous country is least deserving of a bad leader. 

  Four years ago, he hoodwinked the Nigerian public with the catch-phrase “I had no shoes” but now four years after, his poor management of the country and monumental corruption have made more Nigerians shoe-less and helpless victims of poverty, hunger and disease. Ordinary Nigerians save those who have made the plundering of our economy their main preoccupation have never had it so bad. 

  The issue now has gone past tribe or language. The issue is that Jonathan and the PDP have failed Nigeria and Nigerians. We are left with only one option: send the awful combination packing. It is time to try something else. The message should be clear to the president and his team. We are tired of the free-for-all stealing and acute incompetence that has been our lot for the last six years. Rigging will not be tolerated this time around.  The time is up.

• Fr. Emmanuel Ogundele,


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