Rev. Fr. Mbaka’s controversial views

SIR: I am shedding tears of joy as a Muslim and a Nigerian in far away land listening to Adoration Ground’s Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka’s message on a brand New Year Day 2015.  

   In my various articles in the newspapers and posts on social media, I have reiterated the need for all of us, Ibo, Hausa and Yoruba, Christians and Muslims to come together and clamour for change in Nigeria. We may differ in tongues and beliefs but in brotherhood we stand. We are more than determined to see a new Nigeria of our dream.

  Thank you Fr. Mbaka for speaking ex-cathedral. Of what benefit is it for us to gain this odd world and lose our souls? You’re giving us hope in time of trouble and you shall continue to be a shining light to our darkness. Your honesty is a vitsa to open our collective conscience and consciousness. Other good pastors, Imams should emulate his sterling quality.  Thank you sir for speaking the truth to lies. 

   Our president, like the Fr. Mbaka said is a good and meek man, a child of circumstance who has squandered a great opportunity to lead a great nation. 

•Yahaya  Balogun,

Arizona, USA.

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