Only Jonathan And Buhari?

SIR: Are they the best two Nigeria really has to offer at this time? Irrespective of the answer to that, it is obvious one of them will be elected come February 2015. They deserve it because they have both done enough in their own rights to be considered for the votes.

  But where are the Ken Nnamanis, the David Marks, the Chris Ngiges, the Ahmed Makarfis, the Soludos, the Dangotes, the Amaechis, the El-Rufais, the Steve Oronsayes, the Pius Anyims, the Oshiomohles, the Ribadus, the Ezekwesilis, the Sarakis, the Donald Dukes, the Ibrahim Shemas, the Fasholas, the Sule Lamidos, the Tinubus, the Godwin Abbes, the Aliyu Wamakkos, the Tunde Bakares, the Okorochas, the Otedolas, the Peter Obis, the Uduaghans, the Akpabios, the Samson Osagies, the Pat Utomis, the Tony Elumelus, the Jim Ovias and so many others too numerous to mention. These may still not be the best Nigeria can offer but they are some of the top players in the arena with a chance of having their hats in the ring.

  Some may have queued up directly or indirectly behind the top two present contenders, either not interested in the top job, strategising, serving in other roles, tired, betrayed, stooping to conquer, being helpless, a lack of confidence or a bit of everything. One of the major reasons these names and other names may never come up is discrimination in the name of ethnicity, zoning and religion! Abuja as is will always have a strangling influence on our national development.

  This has to be restructured and we need to start practising true fiscal federalism in all ramifications. Our differences in terms of resources, cultures and diversity are our biggest strengths as a nation if only we practise true fiscal federalism, but this present system has now made it our biggest weakness. This system makes the progress and the future of the country 90% dependent on who is elected president at every given time. This system is clearly set up for the failure of whoever operates by it. 

• Ikponmwosa Eriamiantoe,


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