Koton Karfe needs assistance

SIR: The provision of basic and social amenities ordinarily is the sole responsibility of the government, complemented by communities. Koton Karfe the headquarters of Kogi local government is blessed with human and mineral resources that can transform the area and the whole country as a whole but it is facing unnecessary challenges. The town lacks basics of life such as functional hospital, banking system, institution of higher learning, good roads and other things that could make the town prominent.

  But despite its proximity to the Federal Capital Territory and its location along the ever-busy Abuja-Lokoja highway, it has been neglected by successive governments. The only Federal Government’s presence is the old colonial federal prison that has not impacted positively on the hard working people of Koto Karfe.

For instance, the town was in the news the other time for the wrong reasons: constant attacks by gunmen on the prison to the detriment of the community.

   It is pertinent, therefore, to call on the Kogi State government and the Federal Government to look into the neglected Koton Karfe by providing the town with necessary and basic amenities to allow the people feel the impact of government.

  Also, the government should, as a matter of urgency, ensure the early completion of the project housing the federal prison, which would facilitate the relocation from the present awkward location. We would like to call for assistance and attract development to the area for the benefit of the people.

  The coming generation would not be happy to see the unfortunate condition of the town; hence all hands must be on deck to give the town a face-lift to compare with other developed places across the country. A town that has produced eminent personalities in the development of this country should not be allowed to remain in this sorry condition.

 â€˘ Bala Nayashi,

 Lokoja, Kogi State

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