Is This What Privatisation Is All About?

SIR: After the privatisation of PHCN, we are still experiencing exploitation perfected by the defunct PHCN, now in the hand of investors. After four months of being in darkness at the Mashafa community in Mpape, Abuja, the power supply came for only two nights after which the high charges are imposed on the residents. For example, the house was paying N3, 000 monthly for the consumption of the electricity, is being served with N14, 000 as monthly for the consumption of Electricity.

  The question is:  is the N14, 000 for the four months that people were in darkness or for the two nights that electricity was supplied to them? Thereafter, the community in question visited the branch office of the DISCOs and complained to the officials. Instead of the officials to look into the matter and find a way of resolving it amicably, they threatened that any house that refuses to comply with the new development shall be disconnected. Few days after the threat, the officials disconnected supply and as usual, threatened to do more if the people continue to be rigid. 

  I am surprised that the people who were working with the defunct PHCN at the Mashafa community are the same people that are still working with the new owners DISCOs, causing more harm than good. Why? The relevant authorities should intervene in this matter before it escalates.

• Awunah Terwase,


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