Delta 2015: Uvwiamughe Declaration Versus Case For Equity

SIR: IT is very expedient to deliver this letter to my brothers and sisters in Delta State in particular and others in Diaspora. We have come a long way in virtually everything we do and live together in peace and harmony. When we were together in Bendel, it was a hegemony that was full of fun, pride and enthusiasm. When the old Bendel State was split into Delta and Edo states some were not too happy and mourned the demise of a great and formidable entity because we out-classed in sports, education, entrainment, etc. However, we had to settle down and decided to forge ahead in our new state. After all, we knew we could make it thick, ensured that life must continue and that we must move the new state forward. There were no acrimonies or rancour in the way we lived in the past. When it was election time we all went out to vote. We voted for the candidate of our party and our choice. During electioneering campaigns we went from one Local Government Area to another, selling manifestoes to our people. We never engaged in abuses and incitements.

  Of recent, our politicians have gone gaga. The reason for some of their unguarded statements can be seen from the fact that they are bereft of any good thing they can tell our people, to be able to sell themselves to the electorate. The people of Delta State have gone beyond the level where any person or group could wish to lord it over another. For upward of twenty-four years there was never any reason or need for a declaration of any sort. The Uvwiamughe Declaration, therefore, is in bad taste. We have lived in the state as brothers and sisters all along irrespective of who emerged in any of the parties. Deltans cannot be seen to be divided on clannish lineage or ethnic tendencies. Deltans are highly educated, intelligent and exposed people who are seen as embodiment of civilised personalities.

  For any group in Delta State to start harping on ethnic declaration is not acceptable. If we concede to that form of political coercion or intimidation, then we are trying to sow the seed of divisive politics. If we encourage the politics of ethnicity and parochialism then we have to realise that the end will never come. Politicians, who are petty, selfish and have no good manifestoes to sell to the electorate, usually devise all forms of cheap publicity to cling unto and see if that could help achieve their selfish goal. Incidentally, that has never achieved any good result. Instead, it has dealt a fatal blow to their images. History is about repeating itself as a similar declaration made in 2011 failed. In any case, a greater number of our people are not in support of clannish or ethnic politics. 

  Those behind the declaration are enemies of the greater number of Urhobo nation. The Urhobo Elders’ Forum has denounced the declaration and portrayed those behind it as enemies of Urhobos. They cannot be trusted and have no interest of the Urhobos. Deltans are advised to ignore them and move ahead to record a resounding victory in the Governorship Election on February 28, 2015.

• Barr. Iduwe lives in Lagos.


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