Bubble of uncanny quietude

SIR: It used to be in the recent past that some politicians and some banking moguls were made scapegoats by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for economic crimes.   This action consoled the grieving masses though the motivation was possibly political intimidation.  One has since ceased to observe such drama of the powerful being taken down by government for committing economic atrocities even if such acts were mere charades since these juntas find it easy to scale the wall of justice and land in the soft grass of opulence.  For a brief moment, they are called to their senses.

  Meanwhile, the society rots in decadence.  Basic amenities that uplift life are more scarce than gold.  The exploiters unabashedly flaunt their excesses overseas shopping sprees, fleet of luxury cars and sprawl of palatial mansions.  They busily squander money they stole from sabotage of public goods.  The stunning reality is that the citizens seem to be in no hurry to protest against this criminality.  They feel impotent.  Fear of the clobbering rods of the overlords has subjected them to acceptance of their undignified lot.

  Politicians that they have elected into power have woefully failed the people. 

They have changed in high offices to act like prostitutes turning tricks for the biggest interests to load up their individual largesse. The people mope as they watch unconscionable elements wreck the national treasury.  Unfortunately, as if to say if you can’t beat them, join them, every facet of the society is riddled with undermining practices.  Everybody seems to float in the bubble of uncanny quietude.

  But the damaging repercussions are everywhere.  The inflexible economy is stagnating development.  Lords of the molehills will not allow ingenuity to prevail for fear of losing their fiefdoms.  If one may allow momentarily a diabolical argument, there is no one-way of growing a prosperous economy.  The waste of a megalomaniac, fallen in hands of prudence, may turn a monument.  So far, Nigeria has not been that lucky. A disciplined government where impunity is punished remains the most feasible.

• Pius Okaneme,

Umuoji, Anambra State.


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