Karma of justice on crass impunity

letterSIR: The Karma of justice has taken up permanent residence in the house of those who contributed to the Somalization of some states in the last general elections.

The recent nullification of the elections of some political shenanigans has placed an answer to the question I asked in one of my articles published in May this year, titled, “What Shall It Profit Politicians”? In the said article, I submitted that, “I don’t need a political clairvoyant to foresee what will happen in the next six months, my wager is that in less than six months from now, both the state tribunals and law courts will start upturning the electoral victories of some elected governors, senators and honourable members. They will vacate the seats they have been illegally occupying for the legitimate occupants…”

In the concluding parts of the piece I asked, “What shall it profit politicians to instigate their people to rise up against each other and turn their states into theatres of internecine wars, motivate vulnerable youths to go risk their lives in the field, disrupt the electoral process, snatch ballot boxes and at the end of the day lose their seats in the courts of law”?

My wager is coming to pass and most of those highly detached politicians who through the theatres of violence and electoral malpractices fraudulently robbed the hoods of electoral victories in the last general elections are now at the mercy of karma to adjust the effects with perfect balance. There is indeed no short cut to the top of the palm tree.
• Joe Onwukeme
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  • christopher

    wait till the appeals now…