Imperative of power shift in Kogi

Ibrahim Idris, Governor of Kogi State

Ibrahim Idris, Governor of Kogi State

SIR: When Kogi State was created in 1991, it was based on equity, fairness and justice, hence its extension to all sections of the young state at that period in time.

The new state has three major ethnic tribes that are dominant. The Igala who are found in the eastern flank of the state were excised from then Benue state, while the west and central districts of the state that have the Ebira and the Okun came from former Kwara State.

The state also has other small tribes, which sometimes played greater role in the outcome of any election into political offices in the state. The Igala are opportune to hold power since the creation of the state in 1991, due largely to connivance between the two major tribes of Ebira of the central and the Okun from the western district of the state.

The other tribes from the central who are Ebira and the Okun from the west have of recent been calling for power to shift in order to have a sense of belonging in the affairs of the state.

The clamouring for power shift becomes imperative taken into cognizance the length of years the Igala have been ruling the state without cumulative success to the development of the state, as seen in other parts of the country.

This development would see to the dream of the founding fathers of the state ensuring all the sections of the state have sense of belonging in the scheme of things in the state.

The current change being witnessed across the nation, where political position are given to areas being marginalized has raised the tempo for Kogi to be part of the momentum.

The people from the both central and western parts of Kogi State have been supportive of the Igala candidates in the past seeking position of the executive governor of the state. We expect that such gesture should be extended to other parts of the state by our Igala brethren to support any such candidates from either Kogi west or Kogi central in the interest of lasting peace.

Kogi State is blessed with hard working and focused leaders that would make the state achieve its desired goals and objective of being the best in the country, if the right person is saddled with responsibilities of governing the state in the next political dispensation. Kogi State needs a new direction.

• Bala Nayashi, Lokoja, Kogi State

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