How To Rewrite An Awful History

SIR: Some fundamental attributes of any successful leader are resilience, persistence, fairness, firmness and consistency. He or she also has the vision to see beyond the ordinary, ephemeral and myopic views, which is why I bond with the mind of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, the President-elect of Nigeria. Government of inclusiveness in this modern age is a recipe for success and progress. His government should be an inclusive government devoid of corrupt politicians of the past.

As the overwhelming and enthusiastic Nigerians gave Gen. Buhari/Osibajo their mandate to rewrite our ugly history, let us join hands with them to rebuild our union and make us stand tall in the comity of nations. Let us fine-tune our moribund national anthem and come to term that says we may differ in tongues but in brotherhood we stand.

We are all stakeholders in the project of building a new Nigeria. Elections are over. We should be mindful of any divisive spirit and religious bigotry. All our focus should be on the unity and progress of Nigeria. Let us be the guard and guide our hard-earned recent victory with decorum; look promisingly into the future.

Some of us are becoming too disgruntled in our contrived disposition towards a nation building instead of proffering solution to the current state of the nation. Nigeria may be a contraption but its rebuilding can only start from you and me. We should use this seemingly last opportunity to rewrite our awful history and banish corruption and hopelessness from our land.

Joyfully, we can now feel the collective consciousness and optimism of a new Nigeria. As hope is being restored, folks let us draw down the mask of pessimism, jettison our sense of disunity and disintegration and join hands to build a united Nigeria.

•Yahaya Balogun, Arizona, USA.

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