Epileptic power supply in Mushin

Embedded-PowerSIR: For weeks now, residents of Mushin in Lagos under Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EEDC), have been in darkness due to non-supply of electricity to this area.

At times, they switch on electricity at midnight when it is of no use to residents and businesses operating in this community, and the monthly bills keep rising. Now, we don’t even enjoy it at all. It’s been on and off at 15 minutes interval or just for 30 minutes in a day.

The situation is worse at weekends; we are always kept in darkness. The most affected streets are Alaba, Iyalla, Salako, Alafia and others.

We are appealing to the authorities to come to our aid by reviewing the contract of EEDC, because we are at their mercy and they have failed to provide good services as required by the customers.
• Babatunde Tuyo,

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