Due credit to Jonathan administration, please

Goodluck-JonathanSir: Your article on the above subject by Mathias Okwe your Assistant Business Editor on April 4, 2016, makes interesting reading as it shows the early dividends of sound economic planning by Dr. Okonjo Iweala, the former Minister of Finance under Jonathan’s administration. Same would have happened to the excess crude account. The anticlimax of your piece is the fact that he could not even spare a line to give credit to Okonjo-Iweala and Jonathan who initiated the SWF.

Your paper would recall the resistance and even court litigations by the Governors against the SWF and ECA. They were instrumental to the running down of the ECA. Today most of those governors are in APC government which is going to benefit from the dividends of SWF.

You should learn to give credit to whom it is due and not join the political bandwagon of condemning everything about a previous government. The living evidences are there that no matter the shortcomings of Jonathan’s administration he had laid a solid foundation for the economic advancement of this country.

Is it the fuel subsidy he had wanted to remove as far back as 2012, which is still a huge problem today? Is it the railways moribund for 30 years he revived? Is it the airports, the over 10 Niger Delta power plants he built from scratch and the octopus PHCN he successfully unbundled and privatised?

Is it the well over 35,000-kilometre roads built or renovated all over the country? Is is the absolute freedom to Jega and INEC to conduct free and fair elections without any iota of interference? Is it constitutional conference adjudged the best in recent times! Please, the press should at all times serve as conscience of the society by not following the bandwagon of political jobbers whose stock in trade is painting the opposition black to sell themselves. Government is a continuum. Thank you.

• Friday Wokoma,
UPTH, Port Harcourt.

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  • Outraged

    God will punish you for this nonsense. Jonathan was disaster and always a disaster Obasanjo affliction