Do something about Benin airport

Benin Airport. PHOTO: riverajooa

Benin Airport. PHOTO: riverajooa

SIR: Early this year, a friend of ours visited from Germany. After we had settled down with him and made him feel at home, somebody asked him whether this was his first time in Benin City. ‘Ah yes, this is my first time in Benin City but not first time in Nigeria. Benin City is a place of history’, he said. We asked him what his impressions of Benin City were, and without any ado, he said ‘The Airport Lounge is too hot.’

We all laughed, thinking that this was someone who is accustomed to living in a cold place. But it was not until I got there that the import of our German friend’s quip hit me. If the hotness of the place is not damaging enough, it is the impression that our foreign friend left with that hurt the most.

Installing air-conditioners for the comfort of visitors would not cost us much. As a matter of fact, it is cheap, if we consider the kind of perception a hot airport lounge gives us.

• Bob Etemiku,
Benin City.

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