BBC’s quest to mortify Umunna, Igbo, Nigeria

bbcSIR: The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has been floating a false, disparaging and disastrous news piece that claimed that human flesh was served in a restaurant in Awaka, Anambra State of Nigeria.

It was a sensational and slanderous story that permeated many other news networks around the world including some Nigerian newspapers.

Newspapers that published the article did it because of their hatred and spike for anything to do with Africa in general and Nigeria in particular.

As for local newspapers that followed suit, they did the publication out of ignorance and inferiority complex. When it comes to western media, the prevailing norm in Nigeria and Africa: whatever emanates from BBC is nothing but the truth. Colonial mentality and inferiority complex are well and alive in the hearts of the former colonies.

After right thinking people questioned BBC on the veracity of the news piece, BBC gave up and offered a weak apology, saying it was a mistake and we apologised.

But the BBC so-called apology never revealed who authored the piece and the picture that was used in the piece as an evidence to drive home their point.

This time around with the rise of Nigerian British politicians in the corridors of power in United Kingdom, especially Chuka Umunna who was vying for leadership position in Labour Party, oppositions came from every nook and corner including from the media community in Britain.

Therefore with false and dishonest piece they are trying to show that the heritage of these rising stars especially Chuka Umunna are painted with uncivilised characteristics and savagery.

That is why BBC picked on Awka in Anambra State, the ancestral homeland of the father of Chuka Umunna. The false and make-a-believe story was also an attack on his Igbo heritage, Ndi-Igbo and Nigeria in particular that has become a punching bag to those that despised globalised Nigerians’ ambitions and sensibilities. • Emeka Chiakwelu, AFRIPOL.

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  • tbt

    I simply blame the Governor of Anambra State for not acting on getting the BBC prove how they got the information, had this being an African media writing on Britain, they would have being sued, not only in Britain but also world court for demonizing there nation falsely.

    • united

      Yes, I thought that the governor will fight it out because it is a dent on our integrity and a way to discourage investors. It is unfortunate that the sole called human rights lawyers did not comment on such ugly and false news.

  • Ify Onabu

    Why can’t someone sue the BBC for defamation. Where are all our ‘mouthy’ lawyers? Is it only on political issues we hear their voices?

  • amador kester

    If it behaves like a rogue station then you can treat it as such

  • Ralf

    Chuka Umunnas father, Ben Osi Umunna is not frm Awka town (The capital)…Bt he is frm Anambra State…