A prayer for abundant prosperity

To pray for abundant prosperity is to feel and live in gratitude. Live to give and you will live larger and better than you have ever lived.

Close your eyes and imagine you are being born again. And this is the very first day of your new life. Take a deep breath and open your eyes. Look around you; take note of your pristine hearing.

Are those birds chirping? Is the wind rustling the dry leaves? There are no flaws with your rebirth. Your mind is a tabular rasa, it is as clean as the slate and you are the author of this chapter of this book.

Imagine this new day and this new you as a gift of the universe. It is a new day to climb mountains, to fly, to touch other lives more positively and to gain a new appreciation of the little things that were so often missed.

Your rebirth is the gift of gratitude. Gratitude is the essence of being thankful, the feeling of elation for every thing your senses experience, for all the items that help establish convenience in an otherwise chaotic environment. For knowing that you have the ability to make of your life, what you want it to be. Now in charge of your life as the pilot, able to navigate your way through this messy world of chaos, into brighter skies.

Gratitude is your aircraft. It is ready to be used as a vessel to show appreciation for those who are kind and even to the ignorant. It gives you the opportunity to be a gardener, to plant friendship, kindness and compassion. Thus, you are able to cultivate the qualities of gratitude.

With the breaking of this new day, and this new you, learn and practise the prosperity prayer, the most powerful prayer in the world.

The seeds of my happiness today were planted two years ago, and the seeds of my happiness two years from now, are being planted today. The seedling of my being transcends what I am seeing, as discontent plows into divine countenance, nothing to be counted.

When the bucket is empty, it is always filled with any water. Which is why I am a flowing reality. All I am is now, I smile, because I am in this sunny Cosmos. I am so grateful and so blessed. Thank you dear Lord for enabling me to serve.

During the growth of your new life, remind yourself of the positivity of the present while reciting the prosperity prayer. If you have lost your job, it is a new door opening. If you experience loss, you may look deep down and see that the energy is still connected with yours and you must feel grateful for the memories. Be elated today at having experienced all the good and bad qualities of the people.

Surely, life teaches us lessons and for that, we are thankful. You must rise above your ego and recognise that ego and gratitude cannot exist together. As Buddha said: “Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little. And if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die.”

The ancients say that gratitude is the shortest shortcut to happiness. Even in your rebirth, you must struggle to learn proven ways that will help you manifest calmness and gratitude. Always approach negativity with new frames of mind. Instead of focusing on the negative, spend time searching for the positive.

Surround yourself with positive influences by listening to your intuition. It will keep your body and mind aligned. You must be able to care for someone without being around him or her.

Always speak up, you don’t have tomorrow; you only have today. Express your thankfulness to all you know. Identify negative thought patterns, for negativity has the ability to creep upon you unawares.

Practice self-awareness to stay teachable. Watch how you breathe through meditation. Keep a journal for being human; you are naturally forgetful. Read your notes of elation to remain grateful to man and God. Volunteer your services freely, for the best part of compassion, kindness and gratitude is in giving back.

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