‘We will field Robert Mugabe’s corpse for election’, says wife

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Mugabe's wife: He could run for election 'as a corpse'
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Mugabe's wife: He could run for election 'as a corpse'
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The wife of 92-year-old Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said Friday that he would be the voters' choice even after he dies, as she addressed supporters from the ruling ZANU-PF party.

Grace Mugabe, who is seen as a possible successor to her ailing husband, ratcheted up her colourful rhetoric ahead of the general election due next year.

"One day when God decides that Mugabe dies, we will have his corpse appear as a candidate on the ballot paper," Grace Mugabe told a party rally in Buhera, southeast of the capital Harare.

"You will see people voting for Mugabe as a corpse. I am seriously telling you -- just to show people how people love their president."

President Mugabe has vowed to stand again in the election, but Grace could run if he dies before the vote.

Grace Mugabe, who was appointed leader of ZANU-PF's women's wing in a surprise move two years ago, is well known for her fiery speeches and verbal attacks on her husband's opponents. In 2015, she led a campaign which led to the ousting of deputy president Joice Mujuru, accusing Mujuru of fanning factionalism, plotting to topple Mugabe and corruption and bribery.

President Mugabe, the world's oldest national leader, turns 93 on Tuesday, with a celebration party planned for next Saturday. Grace has previously pledged to push Mugabe in his wheelchair to election rallies if needed.

Mugabe, who has been in power since Zimbabwe's independence in 1980, has avoided naming a successor and his party is divided between factions jostling to succeed him.

Grace bemoaned the in-fighting, telling those seeking to succeed her husband: "Let's not fool each other, let's wait for God's time."

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  • Nesta

    This is enough to dump this woman who is indoctrinating a decrepit bloke to remain in office even when he’s not willing to!

  • Ojiyovwi

    Mugabe is the only African leader of worth. He must be preserved to ward off the colonial vampires who’re only happy to send out their jobless NGOs as foreign aid to impoverish our people to make feel good. They do this by creating dependence – very evil outcome for our people.

    • Facebook User

      Surely, you’re pulling our collective legs in this comment. You think he’s good for the common Zimbabwean, as things stand? The “colonial vampires” and “jobless NGOs” are responsible for the poverty of the common Zimbabwean? He’s a good role model for future African leaders who will lead the continent into prosperity? That’s an interesting vision of the future you desire.

      • Ojiyovwi

        Yes!!! Emulate Mugabe and empower our people to create their own wealth with dignified pride in their own efforts; No dependency and living on your knees at the mercy of those who economically take us for fools. Quit living on your knees, my fellow Africans. Embrace self reliance and grow spiritually and dignity. Trade only with those willing to pay a fair return for our products. Send those cringing NGOs home to face unemployment. Be proud to be an African and cease the inferiority bestowed on us when we disparaging called ‘natives and savages. These NGOs seek to divide us pitch us against each other to create a market for the guns and bullet – then lend us ‘foreign aid through NGOs’ to buy their guns to kill each other. Why????

      • Tito Kane.#Proud to be a NEGER

        The zimbabwean people have NEVER enjoyed their own country before.The colonialists are the rich ones there while the zimbabweans are the house keepers.
        How about the blacks and so-called whites in zimbabwe and South Africa have all the same neighbourhoods like in europe?????????????????????????
        Anything wrong with that???????????

    • Tito Kane.#Proud to be a NEGER

      I agree with you

    • Gold Ruyondo

      ARE YOU FROM Zimbabwe?

      • Ojiyovwi

        No, but I observe with horror how some minority of Zimbabaweans are stupidly lead by NGOs to undermine the efforts of Mugabe to drag his people from being servants in their own land into people who determine their life’s lot, whether that be landlords or tenants. By all means leave the country and make your fortunes where you may, but stop feeding host alligators with Mugabe’s flesh, metaphorically, in the silly hope of friendship in your host communities. Believe me, these other people are looking for markets for their surplus armaments and they are not, NOT interested in a self assured African like Mugabe. I was at University in the 70s with Zimbabweans (Rhodesian then) who carried mental scares of Ian Smith’s thuggery – they were all without exception hopeless bunch. Do you really want that for your people. Do you really want to return to the servant nation of England? Do you have to blame Mugabe for your own personal failures? These are all rhetorical questions as you might observe. I am an African of Nigerian origin who remained in the UK after my education. I make no apologies for this as I know that the wealth of this country in indivisibly linked to the suffering of my home communities in Nigeria and elsewhere in the continent of Africa. I will continue to repatriate wealth from the UK to my people for as long as I shall live here – that’s redress, small though it may.

  • Nesta

    A bag of rice now sold for 22k Nigerians are crying, here you are supporting Mugabe’s when ordinary Zimbabweans can’t feed. None you here have been to zimbabwe to know what life is all about there

  • Gold Ruyondo

    if Allah WISHES I will rule for a billion ,years,and he is now gone. National socialism will last 1000 years and it lasted onty we have to vote for a corpse!