Greece rules out debts’ default, vows graft fight

NEW Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras says his country will not default on its debts.

Addressing his first cabinet meeting since being elected on Sunday, the left-wing Syriza party leader said he would negotiate with creditors over the €240 billion bailout.

Saying his first priority was to help those in need, Mr Tsipras promised “realistic proposals” for an economic recovery and vowed to fight corruption.

The EU has warned his government to stick to its creditor commitments.

Vowing to defend Greek dignity, Mr Tsipras said a renegotiation of the Greek debts would be in search of “a viable, fair, mutually beneficial solution”. He did not give any details.

His recovery plan – involving reform and changes, in addition to fighting tax evasion – was aimed at preventing deficits in the future.

“We don’t want to go to mutually assured destruction [with the eurozone] but we won’t continue being subservient,” Mr Tsipras said.

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