Wike restores Omehia’s rights as former governor

Wike 30-5-15 CopyGOVERNOR Nyesom EzenwoWike yesterday formally restored all the entitlements and benefits of Sir Celestine Omehia as a former gubernatorial helmsman of Rivers State.

Wike also formally reinstated the official portrait of Omehia among the lineup of former governors of the state at the Government House, Port Harcourt Executive Council Chamber.

Performing the exercise, Wike said that the decision to restore the entitlements and privileges of Omehia as former governor stemmed from the fact that he worked as governor of the state between May 29, 2007 and October 25, 2007, wherein he took decisions on behalf of the state and initiated projects.

He said: “I hereby put back his official portrait among those of former governors. He is now entitled to the benefits of all former governors.”

The governor said that the era of politics of bitterness in Rivers State was effectively over, noting that it was not right to personalise governance as was done by the immediate past administration.

Responding, the former governor described Thursday as the most historic day of his political career.

Omehia said that the restoration of his rights as a former governor indicates that his dark political days are over.

The event was witnessed by the Secretary to Rivers State Government, Kenneth Kobani, Housing Commissioner, Emma Okah and the State Attorney-General, Aguma

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  • SamPsalm

    In 1999, Wike was made the Chairman of Obior. Akpor LGA – only after the Court of Appeal, in 3 separate suits, two of which were delivered on the same day annulled the election of another man: Samuel Rogers Ichenwo. The 3 cases are CA/PH/EP/66/99 reported in (1999) 4 NWLR (Pt. 600) 587 – 598; CA/PH/EP/65/99 reported in (1999) 4 NWLR (pt 600) 618-628; and CA/PH/EP/145/99. Wike did not contest the election he was challenging in court because his name had been substituted by the PDP for Icheonwo. Being the highest and last Court for LGA elections then, the 3 Court of Appeal decisions were revolutionary statements in that they not only cancelled the elections and refused to declare the man who came second as winner, but they also gave some by-the-way or orbita statements which Wike has over the years opportunistically parlayed into his so-called support of Amaechi 8 years later. Leading to Wike becoming Amaechi’s Chief of Staff, Campaign Director-General, federal Minister for Education and now putative Governor of Rivers State. Those 3 judgment showed Wike how powerful the courts are. And his tack has been to ‘use’ the courts to climb, then find a way that works in maintaining his stranglehold on power and his climb inexorably to the Presidency – while destroying the judiciary as a counterweight in checkmating that climb. If any Nigerian thinks this is a harmless act in far away Rivers State by a mad man in State House, the person better again. This is a devious megalomaniac in action: if he negotiates this bend once again, Nigerians would wake up to find a monster in Aso Rock. This is no alarmist ranting. There is a reason why Wike is doing his utmost to destroy the reputation of the judiciary and the sense of law and order in governance.