Why DSS won’t release Dasuki, Kanu now – Buhari



Indications emerged yesterday why the Department of State Services (DSS) has not released former National Security Adviser (NSA) Sambo Dasuki and the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra and the director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu just yet.

During his maiden media chat as Nigerian president, President Muhammadu Buhari expressed his tacit support for their continued detention in spite of existing court orders.

Buhari said considering the weight of the crimes the duo are accused of committing against the country, they may abuse the court orders and jump bail.

Dasuki is standing trial in court on a 19-count charge bordering on unlawful diversion of funds and criminal breach of trust preferred against them by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). He was rearrested yesterday after being granted bail on three occasions by three courts.

In same vein, Kanu was re-arrested by operatives of the DSS and a fresh charge of treasonable felony filed against him after being granted bail by a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja.

During the media chat, Buhari said it was not in the interest of the country to release both Dasuki and Kanu because of the weight of the allegations against them. He also implied that the duo might jump bail if released.

He said, “Technically, if you see the kinds of atrocities these people are believed to have committed against the country, if they are given the opportunity, they will jump bail. See, the former president wrote to the governor of Central Bank and said ‘give N40bn to so, so and so, and then he gives account.

Nnamdi Kanu at the Federal High Court Abuja for criminal charges PHOTO: Ladidi Lucy Elukpo.

Nnamdi Kanu at the Federal High Court Abuja for criminal charges PHOTO: Ladidi Lucy Elukpo.

The President also slammed the plan by the former NSA to seek medical attention in London, saying it would be irresponsible of the federal government to allow such trip.

“What of the over two million people displaced, most of them orphans, whose fathers have been killed? What type of government do you want to run? We cannot allow that,” Buhari said.

Regarding Kanu,Buhari said because the IPOB leader holds dual citizenship of Nigeria and Britian, it would be easier for him to abscond, especially since he did not come into the country with neither of his international passports.

“And the one you are calling Kanu, do you know he had two passports – one Nigerian, one British – and he came into the country without any? Do you know he brought equipment into this country and was broadcasting Radio Biafra? Which kind of government do you think should harbour that kind of person? There is a treasonable felony suit against him and I hope the court will listen to the case.”

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  • tadi

    This is our change president! No regards to the law anymore. He is above the law and knows more than the courts.We now know where the orders for arrest and disobedience to court rules are coming from. It is a shame that after 16 years of democratic experience, we could have a DICTATORIAL PRESIDENT. Where are the Falana’s, Soyinka’s,? they are all dumb now. God help Nigeria – we are in for 4 years of RETROGRESSIVE CHANGE!

    • imperialebony

      Did the court say buhari turned down his lawyer’s please for his bail or did anybody say it was buhari who objected to court’s order?

      • Femi

        So tell us who is objecting the court order of the law. I’m waiting for hear the lies you wanna blow now. Who is objecting the law?

      • tadi

        Watch the presidential media chat and answer the questions you have posed!

    • LR’ Adediji

      My brother why cant you stand as surety and pledge yourself to serve their punishment if they jump bail. The judicial system cannot bring them back once bail is jumped. What will you call Mr President then? That he conspired right? How come we don’t want to consider the lives of our children and make Nigeria a proud country to call ours. People are buying US passports for their children to go and labour in a country not their forefathers? Built by slaves. Mr president could have simply retired selfish like most of us. Please enough with this selfish statements

      • tadi

        What a shame! That is what the PDP scribe has said that we should suspend our constitution and allow Buhari as MAXIMUM DICTATORIAL PRESIDENT since the court bail terms that are met cannot be trusted! So why have the courts?

  • Omenala

    Brown envelope Nigerian media Kanu has never been released for once talk of rearrest . A country where Boy scout is superior to supreme court order, where obeying court order is by choice. Thank God the World is now talking about Biafra exactely as planned. Biafra is the only hope left for change, if not what else ?

    • hydrocarbon

      I wonder if Kanu ever thought of pushing his cause through legal means rather than his broadcast of hate initially.He left his family in UK only to push some gullible SE youths to their early graves all in the name of protest.In as much as I dont support disregarding court orders, I still believe people like Kanu deserve what they get.Hope u read the part of how easy it will be for him to ascond.

      • Femi

        My dear, Legal means doesn’t work in Nigeria. Only violent works.

      • Omenala

        Is there anything like legal means in Nigeria ? my God you are oudated.

    • imperialebony

      I like people who are fond of deceiving themselves like you. That kanu of a being will stay longer than almustapha in jail. If you’re championing a cause, you should apply a sense into it and champion it legitimately. He’s a criminal. How can somebody enter a country without a passport? You mean you don’t see anything bad about that? Only a criminal, I mean only your brothers can do that. It’s the same way they enter south east Asian countries with hard drugs, daring capital punishment attached to such an adventure.

      • Omenala

        Mustapha is a muderer, is Kanu a murderer ?

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  • Elvis Uagbor

    God Bless you My President— Buhari

  • Optimist

    I pity some gullible individuals without Kobo in their account, neither do they even have any traveling document, shouting KANU and Biafra.

    Do they think they are wiser than notable and responsible igbo Leaders who are not supporting KANU.

    KANU’s family is abroad on nice environment living in affluence. He has dual citizenship and was able to even upturned the system to travel without document.

    Such criminality is what some miscreants and NFA’s want Mr.President to overlook.

    Most of these gullible individuals were not born yet during Civil or perhaps their Father’s did not have any businesses or loose investment during Biafra.

    KANU will languish in Jail for a longtime and they are free to join him FOC.