Suspected Nigerian drug peddler sentenced to death in Malaysia

The suspect, Isaac

The suspect, Isaac

NDLEA decries death sentence

A Malaysian High Court has sentenced a 37-year-old Nigerian, one Ekene Collins Isaac, to death by hanging after he was found guilty of trafficking 915.6 grammes of Methamphetamine three years ago in Malaysia. In a swift reaction, the acting Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Mrs. Roli Bode-George has decried the reported death sentence passed on Isaac.

Court papers showed that Collins, who was a cleaner in Nigeria, committed the offence at Wad 6C, Serdang Hospital, at Jalan Puchong, Kajang, between 7.20a.m. on March 3, 2012 and 1.00p.m. on March 5 of the same year. The banned drugs were said to have been found inside his body by security agents.

The presiding judge, Datuk Wan Afrah Wan Ibrahim, handed down the sentence after she was satisfied that the prosecution had proven the case against him. Report says he did not show any remorse when Wan Afrah read out the sentence.

The peddler is believed to have swallowed the drugs in Nigeria, where he worked as a cleaner, before flying out to the Southeast Asian country.

During his trial, Isaac was only able to produce one witness to support his case, however the prosecution was able to present 13 witnesses who all testified to Isaac’s guilt.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) had always sounded strict warnings to drug peddlers to quit the illicit business or risk their lives especially in Asian countries. Under Malaysia’s brassy anti-drug laws, trafficking drugs is an offence punishable with death by hanging.

Isaac’s case is not the first time a Nigerian has been sent to the grave by a Malaysian court. On December 17, Echefula Obasi was sentenced to death two years after being found with 2kg of MDMA in a car park in the city of Shah Alam.

Also, in May, a court in Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur sentenced 30-year-old student, Mary George Unazi, to death for smuggling over 700g of MDMA in her luggage after flying into the country four years ago.

The Guardian learnt that the condemned have the right to appeal against their verdicts and that the governor of the state he was sentenced in has the power to commute the death sentence.

Bode-George, however, promised that diplomatic efforts shall be explored to save the convict and assured Nigerians that the agency will maintain total alertness in drug detection operation all through the New Year.

She gave the assurance while speaking on the discovery of drugs in tin packs and arrest of a suspected drug trafficker on Boxing Day at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA) Lagos with substances that tested positive for cocaine on his way to Brazil.

The drug packed in six wraps weighing 120 grammes was inserted into his anus. The second suspect wanted to export a consignment containing 1.860kg of methamphetamine sealed in tin tomato paste to South Africa when he was arrested.

“The Nigerian government will work to protect every citizen from untimely death resulting from drug trafficking and drug abuse. We shall remain vigilant at all times and prevent drug trafficking syndicates from smuggling narcotic drugs in and out of the country.

“While respecting the laws of other countries, the Federal Government will explore diplomatic means to prevent capital punishment on citizens. Special arrangement has been made for officers to sustain intense surveillance all through the festive period and in the New Year. This covers the land borders, seaports, airports as well as all villages, towns and cities. The Agency is working very hard to uncover other members of the cartel,” she said.

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  • jallo

    I agree we should save his life and work hard to discourage Nigerians in this illicit business. It is not good for the name of our country.

    • Mazi JO

      You wish they cared!

  • honesty NO1

    I am so glad you intend to police our porous LAND BOARDERS ! ! ! ! !

  • folabi

    He was convicted so he is not a suspect.

  • francis.k. udeh

    It was so bad of him involving in such act, people should learn a lesson from others fault! A word is enough for a wise!!

  • Ralf

    No sympathy for society scums..Let him n all others caught in these devlish acts, face d music if found guilty in Malaysia or elsewhere. … Period…

  • Mazi JO

    As far as there are people, risks and rewards, some idiots venture where even the Devils fear to thread. What do you do for a ‘man whose end is purposed by the gods’? Pray!


    The soul that sin must surely die. Let this biafran die for his greed and drug terrorism. He is simply a terrorist. Thank God we have a President who would never stoop so low to beg on behalf of any terrorist. Let the Biafrans beg for him.

    • I plead with Malaysian Authority to commute the death penalty to life. No body need die for peddling on banned substance. I do not in anyway support his crime. Death sentence doesn’t serve any detternt.


        Unfortunately your plea has no power enough to change the hands of the death that is awaiting this drug terrorist.

        • Your prayers has been answered.


            Far from that.
            The truth of the matter is that those who have been proving their lack of home training in the name of being born Republicans are getting corrections from outsiders in hard ways.
            As we write some of these self confessed Republicans would be on that journey of no return .

          • I don’t know what you are making references to. Is the guy in question your relation that you probably have an axe to grind?

            It appears he is an Igbo chap going by his name. Do have an issue with him? Easy bro, crime doesn’t know tribe, color or religion?


            He is surely in custody of those he has axe to grind with. Let him carry his cross and stop discussing about him. Not all countries would open their eyes as Nigeria and allow some beasts of no gender ruin their countries with criminality.

          • I don’t have sympathy for this guy. But your strong choice of words and references got me thinking.
            Take care and happy holidays. .


            Because it is their trade. Do your research to have the idea of how many of them are in various prisons in Asian countries including China awaiting the hangmen to do their jobs.
            To them it is Nigerian government that pushed them into crimes.
            Thanks and happy new year in advance.

    • Ralf

      Dude u are so angry for nuthin…Biafra is your death,its imminent. ..Hehehehe ?. . HAIL BIAFRA


        Continue to delude yourself.
        The earlier you quit the zoo the better for the zoonians. By now we thought you would have recalled all you’re people out of the zoo to your land of rising sun,moon and star and then bomb Onitsha and Benue bridges so that you won’t have anything with the zoonians again.

        • Ralf

          $@#$&##$€£₩%% ₩¥

    • Oseto

      Biafrans were not know for crimes before, they are hard working guys but Nigeria has turned them into something else. I pray for that guy,its not his fault. It’s the fault of Nigeria that has taken all and gave nothing to its citizens especially Biafrans.


        If you were not mischievous you ought to have known that this Collins was a cleaner in Nigeria during the reign of a Biafran called Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan. During this period in question all the Biafrans states were ruled by the sons and daughters of Biafra. We never heard Biafrans that their son, then President marginalised them. As a matter of fact he was 100% supported for s reelection but failed.
        So who has pushed Biafrans into crimes other than their own rulers ? Have ever seen a criminal Yoruba blaming his woes on Biafrans or northerners ?

        • onyema22ohaka

          Your idiotic mind ought to tell you that there are you that there are more yoruba drug mules and fraudsters all over the world than Biafrans.At least I work in a place I see a lot of them sentenced for both offenses almost on daily basis.They are even into terrorism these days if a moron like you wants to know.


            Good to know that sir.
            But none of them is blaming their woes or misfortune on the govt of Nigeria, sorry of the Zoo. I have not seen any of their town’s people protesting in nude.
            When Kashamu was having issues with ndlea none Ijebu obas pleaded for him. Ijebu Igbo people never said he was being persecuted neither did they say he was into the drug business because a particular govt neglected ijebu people.

          • onyema22ohaka

            Even your lion of bordillon,Tinubu was involved in drug related offences.just goole his name. An offender can come from anywhere & has nothing to do with Biafra,just the average Nigerian mindset either yoruba or Igbos, Hausa/fulani, know that very well & chose to write your cap.


            How many Lagosian protested in nude. At least I am from ikorodu where he enjoyed massive followership , nobody blame his problems on Obasanjo or northerners .
            The two Yoruba born British that killed a soldier in London never blamed their upbringing on the past rulers of the Zoo. No Yoruba supported their actions by whatever excuse.

          • onyema22ohaka

            If you get your high from equating Igbos who commit offences to the issue of Biafra,enjoy that ignorance &drivel.You know very well that the two are different issues.
            Biafra is an issue that project Nigeria will address one day.Oil will soon become irrelevant & the yorubas will once again start calling for true federalism, stronger regions,etc.That’s is what Biafra is all about which you know very well,but choose to write irrelevances.


            Laughable. Perhaps you are bereft of historical fact to knoiw that Yoruba have been the champion of true Federalism in Nigeria.
            Go to archives to find out who was the only antagonist of federal system we are practising now when 1976 constituent assembly was put up by obasanjo. Also find out who destroyed the regional and resource control in Nigeria.