Strange appearance at place of worship

he apparition picture as captured at the scene  PHOTO: JOHN AKUB

he apparition picture as captured at the scene PHOTO: JOHN AKUB

The late Sheikh Nyaas

The late Sheikh Nyaas

THE apparition of the late Sheikh Ibrahim Nyaas at a Mosque in Idoji, Adavi Local Council of Kogi State was an amazing event that the crowd of spectators that witnessed it have described as another hand of God in the midst of the people who have been looking up to Divine intervention for blessings.

Just like it happened in the ancient town of Abeokuta, where the Sheik that was believed to have died about four decades ago was sighted at Mawuko area of Odeda Local Council, Ogun State, he also appeared in Idoji Adavi.

The Central mosque in Idoji, Idaninyere compound has continued to attract visitors both within and outside the local council since the unusual event occurred last Tuesday evening.

The Guardian gathered that last Tuesday the ghost of Sheikh Ibrahim, who had died almost 37 years ago, started appearing on the glass window of the Central Mosque.

Expectedly, the strange happening has turned the sleepy village of Idoji into a Mecca of sorts as crowds have been trooping to the area to see another oddity and seek the face of God.

An eyewitness Muhammed Okuku said on Tuesday at about 5.18 p.m., a 10-year-old boy sighted the face of Sheik Ibrahim Inyas on the glass window of the Central Mosque at Idoji.

He said everyone thought the boy was hallucinating but when they also looked at the window they saw the same thing.

Okuku recalled that people started gathering to also have a glimpse of the revered man of God whose apparition turned the village into a Mecca of sorts.

“The crowd had been so enormous as they gathered from Tuesday till the following day.”

“The crowd was so unprecedented that it became difficult to control them.”

“The people in the crowd were buying pure water which they were throwing at the window to receive blessings,” he said.

Okuku confirmed that people were coming from Lokoja, Ihima and other local councils to witness the rare phenomenon.

He said it was with ecstasy and jubilation as the people believed some form of blessing has been imparted in them for such apparition to happen around them and in their time.

“In a bid to get whatever blessing the people milled around the window and were rubbing the window.”

The Imam, conscious of any possible stampede and casualties that may result from the surging crowd, decided to remove the glass widow.

Many more enthusiasts from other places were seen trooping into the town even by the following day (Wednesday).

On what he thought of the whole event, he said it was a wonderful thing. He said for such appearance of a man of God, history was dear and close to the heart of the Muslim faithful.

Another eyewitness, Awwal, said the apparition was something everybody could see practically.

He said the crowd of people were throwing pure water sachets to the image to receive blessing, adding that others were attempting to rub hands on the window and in the process they were pushing themselves.

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