Spanish police dismantle voodoo-linked sex trafficking ring

PHOTO: returnofkings

PHOTO: returnofkings

Spanish police said Monday they had dismantled a trafficking ring they said used voodoo rituals — including animal sacrifice — to force Nigerian women into prostitution in Spain.

Six traffickers were arrested and four of the victims freed, police said in a statement.

The women, who came to Europe on dangerous, makeshift boats, were recruited in Nigeria, where they were enticed with false promises of employment.

But once they arrived in places like the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca, they were forced into prostitution.

Authorities said the traffickers attempted to keep the women submissive by performing “tribal rituals” in Nigeria that sometimes involved “animal sacrifice”.

They used the women’s nail clippings and locks of hair to convince them that they had been placed under a spell “so they would do everything asked of them, under the threat of death to them or their family”, police said.

The women had travelled across northern Africa to get to Spain illegally, making the arduous journey on foot and then by boat. But after arriving, they were swept into the sex trafficking world, and threatened with voodoo from Nigeria.

“Women take on a debt up to 50,000 euros ($56,000), and swear obedience to a ‘madam’ and traffickers,” police said.

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  • Rev

    This is what happens when a nation is impoverished by hoodlums posing as leaders…the people are forced to resort to criminality to survive and be relevant. What a shame…But we are hopeful for a soon turnaround.

  • Lee

    It’s there choice to become prostitute they left Nigeria to become rich without no qualifications in any field. How can they become rich in Europe without any qualifications? We blame government for anything that goes wrong but we can’t check why or try to get ourselves well organized. Bros we are part of the problems not only the government we are equally responsible for the what’s happening today in that country of ours.