Sowore insists Melaye never graduated from ABU


The man whose online news medium first alleged that a Nigerian senator did not have a degree from a government-owned university contrary to the senator’s claims has insisted that the record presented by the vice-chancellor of the university in question did not reflect the truth.

Omoyele Sowore, the founder of Sahara Reporters, said Monday that the vice chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Professor Ibrahim Garba, “cherry picked the 400 Level ‘3rd Semester’ results” after he was told by unnamed officials of the university that “available records” could not back up Senator Dino Melaye’s claims that he graduated from the school.

“The authentic records in our possession,” he wrote, “shows that Melaye couldn’t have graduated, he did not fulfil some core course requirements of which, for example, ‘Geog 307 (Long Field Trip)’ handled by one Dr Bello had to be met.”

He also insisted that the absence of Melaye’s name in the Convocation Brochure of Ahmadu Bello University, which combined graduating students from 1998/99-2000/2001 sessions, supported his claim that Melaye never graduated from the school.

But Professor Garba told the Nigerian senate’s Committee on Ethics and Privileges on Monday that Melaye did finish from the school with a third class B.A. in Geography.

“From records, Dino formerly known as Daniel Jonah Melaye graduated from ABU, BA Geography,” he said.

The Senate had on March 21, 2017, mandated the Committee to investigate Sahara Reporters’ allegation that Melaye did not finish university education at ABU. This followed a point of order raised by former Leader of the Senate, Mohammed Ndume, during plenary.

Melaye, who also appeared before the Committee to defend himself against the allegation, presented documents such as acceptance letter, acceptance of offer of admission, result and final year dissertation to buttress his claims of being an ABU alumnus. He stated that he was yet to collect his original certificate from the university.

Curiously, however, the senator said he changed his name from Daniel Melaye to Dino Melaye but did not present any affidavit to back up that claim.

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  • olayiwola

    Is this omoyele a graduate? Which school did he go? Only a dumb man will refuse to accept corrections, you said a woman is a virgin, she said no and brought her baby and husband, with certified DNA results, yet you are are disputing!!!! Se o fe m’o iya oso ju oso lo ni!!!!!

    • Hah!

      I wonder. He is just a mischief maker and a slanderer. Yeye man. where is the objectivity in Sahara News? the paper is just a fake news outfit.

    • Efemena Edafiok

      Mumu go kill you. Where is Dino’s certificate? And why are his names not found in ABU’s Convocation Brochure?

      Did Dino tendered any affidavit to back his claim that of a true his names were officially changed? And where on earth is it seen that a serving senator is yet to collect his alleged school certificate in seventeen years?

      The VC did not exonerate Dino in any way because there are more to life than meets the eyes. And I tell you all today; he who brain is given commonsense is required.

      • olayiwola

        So you know more than the VC, common sense is obviously not common as exemplified by your vomit!

  • Soj4fmd

    @olayiwola, can’t all the papers presented by Dino Melaye be forge, can’t he bribe the VC… Any graduates name from any University cleared by the Senate of that institution as graduate must be in the convocation brochure… Even if u were not convocated during ur session ur name must appear at any convocation brochure released later by the institution of wc u will be part of…. We are not fools in Nigeria…

  • Father Jay

    If indeed Senator Melaye graduated as claimed then his name should be in the convocation brochure. Because no matter what his name would appear in the university convocation brochure.You know Sowore knows what he’s talking about.I think the guy has a lot of evidences to convince anyone Dino did not graduate from ABU. How about his claims that he graduated from Havard?

  • Bukola Ogunlana Oyedeji

    I don’t trust this Dino, n I suspect a fowl play Dino is a gangster enjoy the support of his brother in crime saraki

  • Ebony Dollars

    well we all know that Dino did not graduated from abu. the vc cooked up the statement. how come a senator of the fed republic hasn’t recvd his certificate since the said graduation date? and why that? what is delaying it? and in a sane world, if you change your name, there should be affidavit and all certificate should be corrected. such affidavit for someone in his position should be recorded and signed by public rotary and in this case non of this available. yet the senate want us to have confidence in them? how can we trust these pack of crooks? these people are just ridiculing Nigerian educational system. no wonder our certificate is valueless . and these corrupt people know how to send their kids abroad to school.