Senators split over Saraki’s fate, rule out impeachment

Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki during his ongoing trial on false asset declaration at the code of conduct Tribunal  in Abuja yesterday. Photo Ladidi Lucy Elukpo.

Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki during his ongoing trial on false asset declaration at the code of conduct Tribunal in Abuja yesterday. Photo Ladidi Lucy Elukpo.

The commencement of trial of Senate President, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, at the Code of Conduct ‎Tribunal (CCT) over alleged false declaration of assets has thrown the Senate into confusion regarding what should become the fate of the embattled number three citizen.

As many senators resolved to stand with him till the logical end of the trial, others were said to have mooted the idea of persuading him to resign in exchange of a possible soft landing.
At a meeting at the Asokoro residence of Sen. Magartarkada Wammako, the Senator representing Sokoto Central Senatorial District, they resolved to protect the seat of the Senate President.

Senator Ibrahim Abdulrafiu (APC, Kwara South), who confirmed the position of senators, said the lawmakers reiterated their earlier stance that Saraki’s trial was a ‘mere persecution’ and an attempt to tarnish his image in ways not experienced before.

He said: “We have since discovered that the trial of the Senate President is a mere attempt to blackmail him and make him look bad in the court of public opinion. No more, no less. A dispassionate analysis of the proceeding of the CCT yesterday has pointed to the fact that the APC-led Executive is still embittered against Dr. Saraki over the manner of his election as the Senate President.”

“This is why we are standing for the Senate President and we will so do till the very end. We are doing this not for him but for the institution of the Senate that he eminently represents. We will never allow any arm of government to rubbish the cherished autonomy of the Senate.”

However, commenting on the calls in some quarters that the Senate President should resign from his position, Rafiu stated that the senators insisted that the calls were borne out of ignorance and pure hatred.
“The senators described the calls as ‘wicked and unfounded,’” Rafiu added:

“For those calling for the impeachment of the Senate President, we urge them to avail themselves of the provisions of the law relating to such a sensitive step. As far as we are concerned, there is nothing like that on the table, and if anybody is trying to import that from the outside of the Senate, God help them. All I know is that they will have to produce as many as a 100 senators to achieve that aim. As long as they don’t have the majority, the call is a tall dream that will remain a figment of the imagination of the groups and their sponsors.”

Another group of senators comprising mostly the Unity Forum Senators who tried in vain to stop Saraki from becoming Senate President last year also met late Tuesday night till the wee hours of Wednesday and resolved to advise Saraki to toe the path of honour by resigning.

They were said to have expressed concern that the trial of Saraki was continuously producing adverse effect on the image of the apex lawmaking body.

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  • Odarije

    A great man once said: The arc of the moral universe is long, and it bends toward revenge. In CCT trial of saraki , the APC establishment is trying to prove the power of revenge as Dr saraki has emerged as a recurrent nemesis of some desperate thin gods in APC . It’s no secret that Saraki’s gut and political sagacity is hated by APC leadership and lots and lots of the Presidency establishment. What has been less clear is how the APC establishment’s red-hot hatred for Saraki could manifest itself in the 2019 APC senatorial and presidencial primaries.


      Why are you so blind to all the allegation against Saraki? why are you putting sentiment into his case? open your eyes to what is going on on these case its beyond sentiments, he ran to APC for cover but unfortunate his past still catching up with him.

  • Olawale

    Wait untill he is sentenced to jail term, when the impeachment will cone naturally.
    I don’t understand Nigerians at all, untill now they say corruption prosecution is one sided to PDP only,now an APC member is being prosecuted for corruption and the noise changed to witch hunting and persecution!
    This is why both soldiers and politicians have field day looting our treasury because we Nigerian don’t have a common front,we are divided so much that it makes me believed that state of Nigeria is dead.
    Why is Saraki don’t want to face prosecution if he is clean as he make us believed? With his 90 charged and bail lawyers Dis politicians don’t deserve our sympathy at all,let him face his warrant (shikena).