Scarcity worsens in Kwara

In Ilorin, the Kwara state capital, the phenomenon of queuing at the filling stations has spread to such other areas as water points, automated machine sites and bus terminuses.

The sudden development has been linked with poor supply of the Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) to power vehicles, lack of the product to pump water from public water works to various homes and the dearth of the PMS to power ATM machines.

A retired clergyman, Rev. Enoch Adebiyi said: “We queue for almost everything today in Nigeria.We queue for fuel inside the scorching sun at petrol stations, queue for water because many taps are dry and in the banks and we queue to transact businesses.”

In the same vein, a Moslem preacher in Ilorin, Sheik Awwal Eniola said: “This is my 67th year on earth and in Nigeria and I can say with concrete evidences that Nigeria is at present passing through its worst moment, virtually in all spheres of life.”

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