Sani charges govt on good governance

shehu-sani• Urges end to economic hardship
A civil rights crusader and senator representing Kaduna Central Senatorial zone, Shehu Sani, yesterday said unless the present ruling government of All Progressives Congress (APC) ends the economic hardship Nigerians are currently facing, the party risks the chances of being voted out of power in the nearest future.

He said that if the government fails to reshape the economic woes of the nation and voted out of power, the only alternative would be a social revolution that would sweep away the debris of bad governance and misrule in the country.

Sani, who spoke during an award giving ceremony by members of the Ansar Ud-Deen Muslim Youth Association of Nigeria held at Arewa House, Kaduna yesterday, rejected the award, saying: “It is very painful to receive an award at this very time when Nigerians are suffering.

“It is very painful to receive an award when our people are suffering on a long queue at filling stations all over the country. It is painful to receive an award when Nigerians are still expecting dividends of democracy. I will receive this award at the appropriate time when the condition and welfare of Nigerians improve. I wish to re-present it back to you until such a time.

“That is after we are able to convince that those of us in government have lived up to expectation. I have listened to the guest lecture of the Imam on justice and equity, and I simply submit that four years is like few seconds to God. I will say it without fear and in clear terms that our victory at the polls is now facing challenges. And that we cannot continue to give you stories and we cannot continue to blame the past, we cannot continue to point accusing fingers.”

The senator, who addressed thousands of the Ansar Ud-Deen Muslim members remarked, “ I must say it very clearly that it is high time this government should stop using the word magicians – when we say we have not delivered, some people say we are not magicians. I think this is an insult to Nigerians. You stayed in the sun, under the rain to vote us into power; we must uphold that very promise and that very confidence between us and the electorate”.

Sani, who decried the current economic hardship Nigerians are facing, also faulted the policies of the government of Kaduna State, pointing out that the religious bill initiated by Governor Nasir el-Rufai was a product of military dictatorship of past regimes.

He said: “And I will say it in clear terms and I will use this opportunity to say it clearly that the religious bill proposed by the government of the state is completely wrong. We cannot be voted as a democrat and resurrected with a draconian decree under a military rule to represent it to our people.

“When we reached out to you, we promised to respect the tenets of democracy and the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Any law that is in conflict with the constitution of Nigeria stands null and void. I must say it in clear terms don’t accept anybody to issue license, don’t accept anybody to sing the praises of government. Not all of us are members of CAN or JNI. Every Nigerian who confesses any religion has the right to speech and to preach without any licence.”

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  • Mizch

    They have three years more to CHAIN-GE Nigerians.