Rwanda president condemns Western ‘arrogance, contempt’ after spy chief arrest



Rwandan President Paul Kagame launched a furious attack on Western countries on Thursday during an address to parliament after the arrest in Britain of the country’s head of intelligence.

“Absolute arrogance and contempt is the only basis for this arrest,” Kagame said in a speech that was also relayed on the government’s official Twitter account.

“They must have mistaken him for an illegal immigrant. The way they treat illegal immigrants is the way they treat all of us. Black people have become targets for shooting practice. We cannot accept that people treat us this way just because they can.”

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1 Comment
  • tayo adefemi

    Hearing from one side of the divide only is absolutely not a good judgement. Besides, he rarely mentioned what the allegation(s) was/were while making a speech at the floor of the country’s parliament. Probably, the country’s spy chief must have been apprehended by one of the British law enforcement agencies based on act of espionage even after the said spy chief in question might have presented his credentials before the agency.

    However, there is an urgent need for both countries to resolve amicably what I termed a ‘ mistaken identification crisis’ according to president Paul Kagame’s assertion. The British government should discontinue with whatever charges it is pressing against the Rwandan service echelon under its custody.

    In the same vein, let the president of Rwanda also intensify more effort aimed at resolving the dispute instead of lambasting the UK government and brandishing all the western countries as ‘racists’. He shouldn’t escalate any tension that could lead to a severed relationship between his country and the UK.