Russia does not want arms race with US: Putin aide

President Vladimir PutinRussia does not want to enter a costly new arms race with the United States, a top Kremlin aide said Wednesday, after President Vladimir Putin said it was boosting its nuclear arsenal.

“Russia is trying to react to possible threats with some sort of means but that’s it,” Yury Ushakov, Putin’s top foreign policy aide, told a briefing.

“We are against any arms race because it naturally weakens our economic capabilities,” Ushakov said.

“In principle we are against it.”

He declined to comment when asked about the possibility of a direct military conflict between Russia and the West.

Putin on Tuesday rattled the West by saying that Russia would add more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles to its nuclear arsenal this year.

“If someone puts some of our territories under threat, that means we will have to direct our armed forces and modern strike power at those territories, from where the threat emanates,” Putin said.

US Secretary of State John Kerry blasted the announcement and said nobody wanted to return to a “Cold War status”.

Russia and the West are currently locked in their worst standoff since the collapse of the Soviet Union because of the conflict in Ukraine.

Moscow has lashed out at reported US plans to deploy heavy weapons to its jittery NATO allies in eastern Europe, with Putin saying that the US-led alliance is “coming to our borders”.

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    i love putin ,i love Russia ,U.S must respect other nation powers.Russia is well establish nation in inventions before U.S was born.

    • Goddy

      Russia should shut up little neighbours because they must tow Russian economic line or Putinism.
      Russia thinks she can stand alone or build powers around herself and challenge the rest of Europe or join the rest and make themselves count. If it can stop it’s bullying tactics and embrace weter Europe the brtter. What is the difference between thrm and the western Europe.

      • Fred

        Remember how many years Cuba suffered USA embargo and blockage?
        You remember the big guy that attacked Iraq ?
        You remember the big guy fought Argentina For An Island?
        BIG GUYS. YOU CANNOT PUSH RUSSIA . All have to stop.

        • jamin

          Ave u also considered the reason behind the embargo US placed on Cuba, u know u are small, why try to show off… they only payed the price of their sins.

  • Paul Rossi

    Too bad this type of childishness is still going on when we really all need to put our heads together and confront climate change. Otherwise we may be confronting a common destiny.

  • bob

    The Russians are threaten by Nato military aggression and what do you think will happen when another Bush coming to the White House.
    Reaganomics creator: THE US HAS PLANS FOR A NUCLEAR FIRST STRIKE ON RUSSIA AND CHINA Why would the US do this? Roberts states, “Russia is a country that is large enough and the has sufficient resources that It could rise to the position to being a barrier to Washington’s exercise of hegemony over the world. So, Russia has always been the target of this nuclear war doctrine. ”

  • Asuquo Bassey

    Let all nation put down their nuclear weapons, the world need peace and progress, a lot of people are poor and hungry, let the rich nations help the poor ones rather than spending money in acquisition of more weapon of mass destruction. Enough is enough. God bless Nigeria. And help us all in Jesus Name, Amen.