Ray Ekpu Writes For The Guardian



Remember him! I dread to mention his name but because I have been instructed to announce him with immediate effect, I stand on the authority of my ogas at the top to proudly unveil the one and only Ray Ekpu, hereinafter referred to as Uncle Ray, in Nigeria journalism as The Guardian columnist. I guess I have not beaten the gun. Uncle Ray is not on today; he will be opening fire on Tuesday, which is only 48 hours away.

Meanwhile just a taste of the things to come: “Some writers have described the President as a misogynist, a woman-hater, and I think this is clearly over the top. Some people think he is a gynophobist, that he fears women. That, too, does not seem tenable. How can a man, a six-footer, an ex-soldier, a blunt talker, a ruthless ex-dictator, a dogged fighter, an epitome of tenacity and President of the country with the biggest black population on earth tremble before any skirt or blouse for any reason whatsoever? Not likely.”

You see what I mean! It is in your interest to keep a date.

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