Qatar announces first soldier death in Yemen

Khalid bin Mohammad Al-AttiyahA Qatari soldier serving with the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen has been killed, Qatar’s first fatality of the conflict, the foreign minister said on Wednesday.

“We congratulate ourselves and our nation for the martyrdom of a son of our homeland in Yemen,” Khalid bin Mohammad Al-Attiyah announced on Twitter.

“May God accept him in the highest heavens and bestow patience and solace on his family.”

Government officials later confirmed the death, though no more details were given.

There have been no previous deaths reported among the Qatari force though two soldiers had previously been injured, said officials.

Qatar sent 1,000 troops into Yemen in September as part of the ongoing Arab coalition against Iran-backed Shiite rebels.

The country’s air force has taken part in the aerial campaign which began in March this year after rebel advances forced Yemen’s president to flee to Riyadh.

Most of the Qatari troops are thought to be stationed close to the Yemen-Saudi border.

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