Putin accuses US of direct contacts with North Caucasus militants

President Vladimir Putin

President Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a documentary broadcast Sunday accused the United States of directly contacting and providing logistical support to North Caucasus separatist militants.

In the documentary “President,” which has already been broadcast in far eastern Russia on Rossiya 1 television, Putin made the claim, citing intelligence from Russian special services, to state that it occurred in the early 2000s.

The documentary will air Sunday evening in Western Russia. It is being to shown to mark 15 years since Putin became president in 2000.

“Once our special services documented what were simply direct contacts between fighters from the North Caucasus and representatives of US special forces in Azerbaijan,” Putin said.

The US side “helped even with transport”, he added.

Putin said he told the US president of the day who told him: “I’ll kick their ass.” He did not give the name of the president.

“But within 10 days, our — my subordinates, the FSB heads, received a letter from their colleagues in Washington saying: ‘We have had and will have relations with all the opposition forces in Russia and we consider we have the right to do this and we will do this in the future’,” Putin said.

As prime minister from 1999, Putin launched the second Chechen War, which did not officially end until 2009. The first Chechen war which began in 1994 ended with Russia pulling out its troops in 1996, leaving the region with de facto independence.

Putin said Western special services apparently supported the militants because they believed that any opponent of Russia should be treated as an ally.

“Some people, especially special forces of Western countries, thought that if someone is working to destabilise their main geopolitical opponent — which as we realise now has always been Russia in their minds — then it is generally to their benefit.

“It turned out that’s not the case,” Putin added.

The Russian president insisted governments should never work with “terrorists”.

“Absolutely not, never and nowhere. You mustn’t even try to use terrorists to solve transitory political and even geopolitical tasks.

“Because if you support them in one place, they will raise their head in another place and they will definitely strike those who supported them yesterday.”

After the second Chechen war, Moscow installed a pro-Kremlin regime in the republic, first headed by rebel-turned-Moscow-ally Akhmad Kadyrov and then after his murder, by his son Ramzan Kadyrov.

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  • MirM

    Putin is right. the Syrian rebels were freedom fighters, turned terrorists, within one day of attacking the puppet state of Iraq. The herd is however so much brainwashed by the elites in the west that would not noticed anything even if this had hit their noses.

  • oberts mail

    if the Russian people or anyone believes this bunch of bull sh**t ! then they are the stupidest creatures on the planet. Yes so now I suppose American gave them Russian weapons and tanks ? It’s hard to believe anyone would believe Putin, when there is overwhelming evidence that he supplied the troops and sent letters and murdered his opposition who was about to expose him.

    • Jiri Klouda

      Well it would not be such a stretch now, would it? US is documented to create Al-Quada by bringing Osama bin Laden amd his militants to US for training and supplying them with weapons. US is documented to have created ISIS and supplied them with weapons and air support in fighting Bashar al-Assad in Syria. US is is documented to have done similar thing multiple times in central and south america and most recently in Lybia, where their support of local Al-Quada branch to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi has eventually lead to yet another terrorist group, which is now allied with ISIS. There is a long history of the US doing just what Putin describes and so tell me, why should someone by the stupidest creature on the planet to believe that after doing it 10-15 times, they did it one more time over there?

      • oberts mail

        Juri if you have all the proof you are talking about show it ! In fact you should leak to to wikileaks so they publish it. There is no proof of what you say just propaganda just like Putin is doing. In the same speach Putin admits taking Crimea and why it was so important for him. Are you Putin’s boyfriend? Is that why you defend him so much?

        • Jiri Klouda

          What are you talking about, all this is for years on Wikipedia already and other sources. This is public knowledge. Many of those are already declassified even by the US congress so the records are in public archives. I didn’t hear one person disputing it anywhere so far. And don’t mangle my name in Russian, I am Czech, you know, EU member state? Also I am naturalized US citizen few years now. I have learned quite a lot about the history of my adoptive country. And I am not defending Putin here, I am just opposing what you say. There is a big difference. I am against Russia in fact, but I despise dishonest people like you.

          For example:

          • oberts mail

            so your source is wikipedia – and if you read they say these are “claims” there is no evidence and proof. oh your Czech , sorry didn’t mean to offend but it offends me when people don’t site factual information. Being part of the EU that explains it, many Europeans believe such conspiracy theory non-sense. Well you don’t know me, so I am laughing now. I am extremely honest and I don’t care the the USA either but , that doesn’t give me the right to states “claims” or non-facutal information. If there was factual documents and evidence then people would believe. Putin’s involvement in the Ukraine is absolutely supported with much documents. Have you been there, seen the Russian missiles, tanks and arms, Russian soldiers ID cards, if not you don’t have room to talk.

          • Julie Harbinger

            Have you realised yet that it was the Ukrainian govt that shot down the Malaysian plane in order to blame Russia to justify support from the West, and demonise Russia. At the root of all this destabilistation lies the muslims and their pharisee talmudists. Nothing is quite as it first appears.

          • Jiri Klouda

            Yeah, exactly, …. thats what I expected… first you claim you are honest, and then you list a lot of unsupported dubious claims that mostly NATO commanders put forward, half of which were disproved even by the western press. Germans don’t believe a word that US NATO commanders say anymore and neither does half of the EU.

    • Marcus Grant

      oberts mail wrote :”if the Russian people or anyone believes this bunch of bull sh**t…


      but we all (and you too) do remember all that sympathy towards Chechen separatists-jihadists in western press during Chechen wars – don’t we? Even today many chechen terrorists hide in the west as “refugees” – enough to mention the Boston marathon bombing and those who did it…….so hardly your post has any credibility, oberts mail…I would rather believe Putin on that…

  • Charles Smyth

    It’s not as if the Russians do not do the same thing 🙂

    • Marcus Grant

      Charles Smyth wrote :”It’s not as if the Russians do not do the same thing


      support for Jihadists by Russia? – I never heard about such…

  • ezimako

    The Russians are doing same in Ukraine, or am I mistaken?