Presidency plans new law on research council, science fund

Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

The Presidency has disclosed plan to send a new bill to back up the establishment of the recently inaugurated National Research and Innovation Council (NRIC), and the nation’s science and innovation fund to the National Assembly.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnya Onu, gave this indication when he presided over a meeting of the Technical Advisory Committee of the National Research and Innovation Council in Abuja.

President Muhammadu Buhari, who chaired the Council recently inaugurated the National Research and Innovation to deepen research and development in Nigeria and challenged the body to produce Nobel Laureates in science.

Onu noted that a draft of the bill would be fine-tuned by the Ministry of Justice before it is sent to the National Assembly.

He said: “We have constituted four sub-committees. The sub-committee are: sources of funding/strategies for accessing funds; governance structure for the NRIC and National Research and Innovation Fund; priority areas of research and development as well as fast tracking the draft bill in the Federal Ministry of Justice. I do sincerely hope that the reports of the various sub-committees are ready to enable us speedily and conscientiously consider them for appropriate action in the course of this meeting.

“As you are already aware, this Technical Advisory Committee is the technical arm of the National Research and Innovation Council. It is therefore important that we put the interest of the nation first in all our deliberations. Indeed, as we prepare for the next meeting of the National Research and Innovation Council, it is important that our discussions today are conscientious and also driven by a deep sense of purpose and love of country. In this regard, I urge that we remain conscious of our desire for Nigeria to become he technology hub of Africa. I am confident that if only we put in our best, this will certainly be achieved.”

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  • honesty NO1

    What is the meaning of this BILL? Nigerian leaders are selfish and senseless. We need to stop all these white elephant projects that will lead us nowhere but a dead end. Do you know we need 24 hour electricity supply to go into such program? Nobody is thinking about the people in the remotest parts of the villages in Nigeria. I hope all the money collected from the looters will not be re looted again. PMB you must watch all these your ministers some of them have their hidden agenders. Dont take their words for it. We need some bills that will remove immunity clause from the president to the ministers. We need a bill that will set up special courts to fast track the prosecution of corrupt people. We need a draconian bill that will set a stiff penalty for vandals or economic saboteurs. Please put in place visible projects that will have an immediate impact on the poorest people in the country. STOP THE WILD GOOSE CHASE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Start an economic stimulus .Pump money into the economy but before you do that make provision on how you are going to plug all the loopholes from the master looters and crooks.