PDP asks President Buhari to quit over poor performance

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

• Blames APC for high cost of living
• Insists ‘body language ‘ has failed
• Opposition irresponsible, says ruling party

Fuming at what it called crass ineptitude and lukewarm attitude of the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led Federal Government, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday asked President Muhammadu Buhari to quit office along with his cabinet members.

Reacting, the Acting National Publicity Secretary of the ruling APC, Mr Timi Frank, described the call as irresponsible.

Frank wondered why the PDP would have the audacity to make such a call when it was trite knowledge that it plunged the country into the current economic mess.

He said : “I am surprised the PDP is calling on Buhari to quit his position. This is a party that had all the opportunity to lift this country to a high level of development but yet it frittered all the opportunities that came the way of the country over the years.

“You could see the evidence of their level of irresponsibility from the startling revelation over the arms procurement scandal, the pilferage of our commonwealth over the years. No reasonable person would take such an irresponsible action seriously. President Buhari is right on course and will surely deliver on his electoral promises.”

In a statement issued yesterday evening by PDP spokesman, , the party noted that the continued failure of the Federal Government to arrest the country’s drifting economy was gradually resulting in a depression.

The party decried the statement by the Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun that “Recession is a word” as either “a result of ignorance, lack of patriotism or in line with President Buhari’s comment that his ministers are noise makers.

“For the record, ‘Recession’ is characterized as a period of negative economic growth for two consecutive quarters, given rise to high rate of unemployment, fall in output, increase in government borrowing, etc. Following this understanding, Nigeria’s economy is already near depression. The crass ineptitude and lukewarm attitude of this APC government is no longer tolerable, and therefore, we are calling on President Buhari and his team to return Nigeria to its state of booming economy before they assumed office in May, 2015, and then quit immediately to allow other capable leaders recover our ailing economy”.

The PDP lamented that “about three airlines, local and international, like some banks, have suspended operations and sent their staff on indefinite leave due to the poor state of the Nigeria’s economy. Nigerians are aware that the PDP Government invested heavily in most of our airports in the country that resulted in obvious ‘facelift’ and improved operations through remodeling, construction of new airports, refurbishing and equipping of the local and international airports to meet best practices in the Aviation Industry. But the APC’s Administration has frittered away all the good policies and programmes which the PDP put in place, thereby crumbling the Aviation Sector in the country amongst other catastrophes it has caused.”

The opposition party continued: “What Nigerians want from this Administration are results, simple! And not resorting to throwing tantrums on the PDP at every given
opportunity. Our call for the President to return the country to how he met it in 2015 is justified on the following grounds: a bag of rice was N7,000 and now is above N20,000; a mudu of beans was N150 and now is N500; one US Dollar was trading for N197 but now over N400; a liter of fuel was N87 but now N145; cost of transportation and other services has skyrocketed. Given our observation since the inception of this government, they have nothing to offer and as such, quitting will be a solution because nobody can give what he/she does not have. APC has failed.”

The PDP called on Nigerians to recall President Buhari’s purported “body language” at the beginning of his administration and re-iterated that governance is a serious business and not about someone’s “body language” and “de-marketing strategies of the president while globetrotting.”

“When this government came to power in May 2015 riding on the achievements of previous PDP Administration, President Buhari’s handlers and his party, the APC claimed it was his ‘body language’ that brought some positive changes the country was witnessing at that time; so we want to know, what are the results of the so-called ‘body language’?”Adeyeye queried.

The party insisted that the earlier the president and his team quit, the better for the country . “There is no better time than now to make this call for the president to return the country to how he met it and quit, or right away quit for a more experienced team to take over,” the PDP declared.

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  • Fair listener

    hahahaha, I no fit laff o…”we are calling on President Buhari and his team to return Nigeria to its state of booming economy before they assumed office in May, 2015, and then quit immediately to allow other capable leaders recover our ailing economy”.
    This thing seems to be hitting them harder than other Nigerians. They might have been quoted out of context. They probably meant to say..”return the country to the booming looting era and quit immediately to allow the capable looters recover their ailing bank accounts.” How not depend on free stolen money.

  • omoagbala60

    If his performance is so poor, he needs to repeat the class in 2019.

    • Okoro Tonye

      No!! He will be ejected from class.

  • Tosin Otitoju

    Missing from the price list is kerosene.

    Remember there was a proposed “school feeding programme” – why is it not moving forward?

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    • Okoro Tonye

      Mr Alakeh, could you kindly take this your foodstuff trading to the appropriate platform. We trade ideas here.

  • Babrutus

    Let us keep praying for Nigeria. The reason we are not yet out of this situation is that we are not fasting and praying. If we all come together in prayer, this country will progress. I tell you…

    • Marcus Ijele

      You do not make lack of food to eat to become fasting. You do not make hunger a fast. Fasting is a volunteer exercise and not because there is no food to eat and praying is not done with stress. You do not pray for your vehicle to move when you have a torn tire and deflated tire. The tire must be changed. Deflated one must be aired. There are things God can never do for you. You do not fast for dilapidated vehicle to move. Your wife can never become pregnant except you sleep with her. God ordered things the way they should be and can never be otherwise. That is what is called Divine Human partnership. Buhari is a clog on the wheel of progress, he is a deflated tire, a dilapidated vehicle. he has to go.A man who does not know how to drive can not start a car and begins to move because he prayed. There will accident and death. Get him out and use a certified driver. You do not bring the worse to change the bad.

      • Babrutus

        Are you disputing Manna from heaven? What about the disabled made whole? What about the virgin birth? Please don’t even go there. Prayers work and miracles happen. Nigerians are not praying. I suspect you are one of those. Please lead by example and get on your knees…

        • Marcus Ijele

          Heyyyy, this one is talking of manna from heaven;Is that how you preach to your congregation? Go back to the Bible and you will learn that manna ceased at a certain point and you then need to labor.. Go and become disabled and wait for miracle. Go and marry and do not go in to her and expect her to become pregnant. False preacher. I do not object to prayer, neither do i dispute miracles, but my dear, for what you know is your clear responsibility to do and on leaving it on done, you say you are praying, that is lazy man’s prayer. It written”Any place the sole of your feet shall trade upon, I shall give you”. You do not sit in a place and expect possessing the land, my friend stand up and let the sole of your feet enter there first.

          • Babrutus

            Please when has the Manna fallen for Nigeria? That is why we need to pray. Must we wait to be disabled before getting a miracle? That is why we need to pray. Do not ask me to marry and not go in to her. Already, I am praying that such a thing will not happen. If that is your condition, please pray, and I can join you to make it more effective. Already, you can see why we just have to pray.
            This is not about false teachings. One of our responsibilities is to keep watch and pray. Have you already forgotten the 5 virgins? What happened to those that slept off? We Nigerians are sleeping and may have the same fate befall us. Please my brother Marcus, let us pray.

          • Marcus Ijele

            Ok. But I must eat to be able to avoid fire brigade prayersoooooo. God bless you sir. I will pray that God should remove Buhari and bring for us somebody who fears God.

          • Babrutus

            Exactly. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. We do not need to take matters into our own hand. I say we pray…

    • Okoro Tonye

      Stop this your praying and start taking action. When a Nigerian is confronted by difficulties that require pain, sweat and blood to solve, he conveniently chickens out by recommending fasting and prayers.

      • Babrutus

        Action without prayer is wasted time. Prayer without action is a miracle. We need a miracle.

        • Okoro Tonye

          We need pre-agreed objective, and united effort, not miracles. There is nothing like that.

          • Babrutus

            Do you know how many people have been saved by miracles? How can you dismiss these things so easily? If I check your computer now, I will see that you regularly visit Social Media. FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, even WhatsApp. All the time you waste there can be spent praying.
            Tonye na wah o….

  • Okoro Tonye

    This is a government that received the best transition and handover in Nigerian history. They squandered that alongside the goodwill of Nigerians on the altar of prejudice, witch-hunting and primordial sentiments
    You and your president caused the recession by: 1) Taking 6 months to form an executive team in a period that required urgent actions; 2)Pegging the Naira artificially when you have little quantity of dollar. Common sense dictates that any item which demand far outstrips supply should rise in price to ease demand pressure.

  • Marcus Ijele

    It is not only PDP, demanding Buhari to quit, the entire country demands that Buhari quits. This is clear vote of no confidence and a holistic reaction to an unpopular Government. He has no honor that is why he could stay another one hour in Aso Rock. If he like former British PM, he would have resigned for being incompetent. The more he stays, the more he buries APC popularity that remains. He has demonstrated that APC, does not have any idea of what to do except to lie.May be he is thinking it that only the opposition party asks him to resign, No,Buhari, Nigerians said you should please resign. Go. We have had enough of you. We have sen what you have that made you to pursue the Presidency with all the vigor left in you for three years. You have tried. You can go now. I never heard in this country before that people sneaked into another person’s kitchen to steal a pot of soup that they did not know how it was cooked and the materials used for the cooking. All because Buhari wants to become President. Thank you Sir, we have seen your type of change and we are done with it. Go or God will kill you on your seat.

  • agbobu


    • Okoro Tonye

      Agbodu, APC convinced us about all these lapses, and told us to vote them-in to fix it. We have voted them-in. THEY SHOULD STOP POINTING FINGERS AND FIX THE ECONOMY. THEY SHOULD STOP CRYING OVER SPILT PALM OIL.

  • udofiapeter

    The days of body language has gone we need sense language. Body language at work is a lazy man’s talk is like faith without hardwork.

  • par2002la

    Fellow Nigerians,
    IS Mr.Buhari Fooling Nigerians ? FOOL FOOL FOOL
    Mr.president and his ministers told nigerians that the government realised from PDP looters more than 3,6 trillium naira This is more than 55% the money needed to execute this year budget 2016 of about 6 trillium.
    Single treasure account (STA). The federal government make close to 4 trillium naira. These total sum,have financed the year budget of about 6 trillium naira
    Besides, the body language of the president buhari made a lot of improvement in nigeria.
    Why is then recession ? Why hunger ? Why are people crying ?

  • par2002la

    Fellow Nigerians,
    Why the president to quit ?
    Vote for buhari was a curse. God Almighty have backed against nigeria. Mr.president and cohort cabals hands are stained with blood. They used voodoos to brainwashed nigerians for vote .
    The economy of nigeria will fall at geometrical rate and even worst than recession. Human knowledge ,hypotensis,theories and laws will not solve the economic problems.
    Nigeria situations is likened to Isrealites in the bible ,when they demanded for a king instead of that of God.They suffered !. All we need is prayer.
    Mr president and his political party will continue to feed nigerians with falsehood ,propaganda and blame PDP and Dr.Jonathan Goodluck.
    APC party and buhari tactics are better described below
    During World War One, propaganda was employed on a global scale. The basic connotation of propaganda has always been “advocacy and mass communication” or dissemination of information, or eve rumours to influence public opinion.
    In war strategist, Astrologers and other followers of the kind should infuse spirit into the army by pointing out the impregnable nature of the array of his army; secret agents should circulate among the enemy, spreading rumours of their certain defeat.”
    A Chinese tactician discussing the art of war had said, “In night fighting beacons and drum are largely used; in day-fighting a great number of banners and flag and the enemy’s eyes and ears are confounded.” All this is a far cry from the insidious means of psychological warfare warring States in our time bring into use against one another.
    Practitioners of the art (propaganda) have so perfected the techniques of calculating and managing psychological impacts that those subjected to their wiles very often do not realize that their minds are being conditioned in a particular direction or that they are being systematically brain-washed.
    In 2001 at an Islamic seminar in Kaduna, Buhari was given an opportunity to choose between Nigeria’s secularism and fundamentalist Islam, this is what he said; “I will continue to show openly and inside me the total commitment to the Sharia movement that is sweeping all over Nigeria”, he then added that; “God willing, we will not stop the agitation for the total implementation of the Sharia in the country”.Buhari an advocate of sharia was chosen to address that seminar in Kaduna because of his advocacy and he did not disappoint because
    he is one of the boardroom voices of Sharia


  • Abel kenny

    The so called recession we re facing right now is as a result of long decay in our Economy. Our dependence on crude oil has bring this hardship upon Nigeria. lets stop all dis politicking and face the reality. our past leaders are wasteful and they av all contributed to these present situation. May God help our present administration to make things right. God bless Nigeria.

    • Okoro Tonye

      How can they make things right when it takes them so long to lift one leg up.

  • jerry Johnson

    My president Sir, I like your courage for keep contesting
    for presidential race for over 16year right from Obasanjo regime and now you
    had it, I was very happy when INEC declared you winner with hope that you know
    what governance is all about. With hope that you have taking correction from
    your mistakes of 1984 that lead to General Babangida taking over from you in
    1985. I thought that anybody who keeps contesting in any presidential race MUST
    have an idea of what he or she want. It’s
    now clear to the whole world that you have NO SINGLE IDEA OF WHAT LEADERSHIP IS

    Leadership is not just being there to answer president of a
    nation with people of no vision called ministers and executives. Leadership is
    not about complaining about the bad of yesterday or mistake of past leaders, it’s
    about fixing today for good and for better tomorrow. Nigerians are tired of your complain people
    are dying of hunger companies are closing, workers are being sacked on daily basis. Good leader is one who resigns when things
    are not right. Can you point what you have archived in the past one year? Look at
    your ministers and tell me who is performing among them? Your agriculture
    minister is the highest lire in Nigeria, he was in every government in the
    past, tell me what does he have to offer to Nigerians?

    Listen to the wise cancel and you will lean wisdom. It’s not
    about age, a wide traveler knows better than white haring person. Aggressiveness
    of a leader points to his weakness and his in capability, tribalism brings down
    a good leader, look around you and see if you’re tribal.

  • kalu9909

    Buhari, there is a clarion call for you to resign honourably rather than being impeached by the National Assembly. Mr. President, you remembered vividly that Jonathan accepted defeat even when he had reasons to contest your election at the electoral courts. But he choose to accept defeat in order to safe lives of Nigerians from your barbarian supporters. Jonathan accepted defeat in order to safe lives. He said that his ambition is not worth the blood of Nigerians. I would as well appreciate it if you resign in order to safe the lives of Nigerians dying from hunger, induced by your bad leadership. Those calling for your resignation love you very much. Resigning is the best option for you as things are now. All these clumsy excuses by your inept ministers and town criers will not do you any good. I remember when you were newly elected, you made a comment that ministers are noise makers, who have nothing to contribute. You prophesy has come to pass. Your ministers are just making noise every day without any achievement to show for it. Please, Mr. President, resign immediately before it is too late.