Operators seek quick passage of national bill on drilling

water-26-01-2015-The Association of Water Well Drilling Rig Owners & Practitioners (Borehole Drillers Association) has urged the new Minister for Water Resources Adamu Suleiman to pursue with vigour, a quick passage of national bill on drilling to instill sanity in the industry.

The President of the association, Michael Ale said the bill, when passed is capable of creating a national framework that will guide the conducts of practitioners in water industry and make the sector more organized.

Ale lamenting over some of the anomalies in the sector said, “There is no official agency or body to license operators to drill borehole anywhere in the country due to lack of regulation. Because there is no law on water regulation and standardization, foreigners have come into the country and are drilling illegally everywhere and it is very risky to the lives of the masses.”

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