Offor bags honorary Citizenship of State of Georgia

Offor. Photo: vimeo

Offor. Photo: vimeo

Sir Emeka Offor, was on Thursday honoured with an Honorary Citizenship of the State of Georgia in the U. S.

At a ceremony held in his honour, the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus of the Georgia Parliament, Rep. Dee Dawkins, said Offor was honoured for his contributions in the fight against diseases in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

She commended Offor for his work and support in the alleviation of the sufferings of the less privileged through philanthropy thereby giving hope to those in need irrespective of tribe, creed, religion and nation.

Dawkins said Offor, through his Foundation, had impacted, positively on the lives of many Nigerians through its programmes and projects, which include Youth Empowerment, Widows Cooperative, Education and Health Services and Infrastructure Development.

Also speaking, former Senate President Ken Nnaman, said Offor believed that the very poor and needy could become active and productive members of society, which spurred him to commit his work to human and material capacity development.

He said that through his foundation the business mogul had so far committed more than N750 million to charitable projects.

Nnamani commended Offor for his various intervention programmes.

Also speaking, a former Minister of Defence Adetokumbo Kayode (SAN), thanked the State of Georgia for honouring a man, whom he said, has in the past 20 years dedicated his life and wealth to the service of his people.

Kayode said the honour was one of the best ways they could recognise and appreciate Offor, who had made a difference in the lives of the less-privileged.

In his remarks, Offor, thanked the members of parliament for the honour and promised to do more.

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  • psammy

    This guy’s don’t ever do background check before they honor their so collard Africa heroes?These are men that have even deprived the people they supposedly help of what belongs to them with their dubious dealings. EEmma ofor of Chrome? Chai there is God o

    • Ralf

      Who are u to judge.??…Background check your self first….Wht did he do??..He is not Tinubu or Buruji or Ibori….He had never hold any public office…If u know d bad things u d non entity thinks tht he did, plez present d evidence in public wit truthful facts…He is a business man dealing in oil n gas..A philanthropist honored….Go n die poor man…

      • psammy

        ‘Oga you dont know Emeka offor that i have since i was a little boy more than me, there is a big possibility to only know him on the pages of newspaper. He is a bussiness man i know, i have known that since i was 10 years, and who told you are only corrupt when you hold public office, Buruji you mentioned never held any public office until now but he is one criminal the US is looking for. Good he is given back to the society but i can boldly say he’s stolen more than he is giving back. I rest my case.

        • Ralf

          I know Emeka Offor thru his nephew who was my class mate in secondary school in d SE bck then..My friends mum was our teacher..She is Emeka Offors older sister. ..I ddnt wna tell u all these in d begining…I live in d USA now…Endowed. ..My friend visits me all d time ok…Let your Buruji try going to Europe not to tlk of d USA. ..U wretched non entities can take your poverty, witchcraft , jealousy n envy to Sahara desert. ….Mtchwww

          • psammy

            you are supposedly well exposed but unfortunately you don’t display attributes of someone who is exposed, we are talking of a man i know and you claim you know, all of a sudden you went tribal, what on earth is my biz with Buruji Kashamu, do you think i talked of my reservation of Emeka offor because of his tribe? you better change for good, nigeria is moving beyond tribal sentiments, though slowly but surely we are building a nation with no internal walls.

          • Ralf

            Tlk abt wht u know all d time ok..U dnt know who might disapprove your lies abt pple…Name one thing tht Emeka Offor did to siphon your fathers money or your village, not to tlk of your state n Nigeria…..Mtchwww

  • Ralf

    Hail Biafra. …Emeka Offor Nwanne….Congrats sir