Obama admits government let down hostage families

obamaUS President Barack Obama admitted his administration had sometimes not done enough for the relatives of hostages held abroad, as he took steps Wednesday to address poor government coordination.

“There have been times where our government, regardless of good intentions, has let them down. I promised them that we can do better,” Obama said after hosting families at the White House.

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1 Comment
  • Gr8dane

    What person would knowingly provide the means and motive to known
    terrorist groups to kidnap Americans abroad? Is this the same
    (so-called) “Commander in Chief” who allegedly represents the people of
    this nation that has just given all terrorist groups the green light to
    kidnap Americans for financial gain? In any other society he would be
    tried for treason! ANY politician who backs this should also be tried
    for treason.

    This individual occupying the White House has done
    nothing – NOTHING – to curb terrorism – he has advocated it – embraced
    it and then tied the hands of those in the military who are put in harms
    way to fight it! He and his whole administration and those who
    represent us (sic) in the congress and the senate all need to be
    impeached and tried for crimes against humanity and violations of our
    laws and the Constitution.

    NO ONE is above the law – NO ONE Constitutionally can usurp the law – yet
    this individual does it daily and our representatives do nothing –
    NOTHING! They are all sold out and bought and paid for – they love
    their position and their prestige – yet hate this country – they love
    their entitlements – yet point their fingers at the populace and claim
    “we” have entitlements! THIS IS NOT what our forefathers envisioned for
    our country.

    WHEN are “We the People” going to stand up and
    demand that this country go back to the Constitution and the original
    building blocks of this Republic? WE are fast approaching a true
    dictatorship and loss of all our rights and freedoms.

    What this
    individual is doing and has done is sell out this country for religious
    gain at the expense of the American people! And in case you are
    wondering why I do not refer to this individual as the President – it is
    because he does NOT represent me or the American ideal!