Nigerians in Europe write Buhari, propose 22,200MW solar projects



AN international biotechnologist, Dr. Ade Abdul Raheem, has said that many Nigerian scientists in the Diaspora with huge technical expertise are on standby, ready to join in revolutionalising Nigeria, but are allegedly not encouraged to do so.

Raheem, who noted that such Nigerians are able to lift Nigeria out of its present situation with modern technological know-how, is a former leader at the Nigerian in Diasporas Organization (NIDO) Europe, who has been at the sforefront of a waste-to-power campaign for many years.
In a mail exchange with The Guardian, from his base in Sweden, Raheem spoke on how some Nigerians in Europe had written to President Muhammadu Buhari to propose a novel 22, 200MW solar project to lift Nigeria out of darkness.

The letter entitled “Solutions to Nigeria’s shameful energy situation”, highlighted how three solar farms of 200 MW could be constructed in each of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, to give the country roughly 22,200 mega watts of electricity.

He renewed his call on government to consider a waste-to-power proposal, which would see experts like him generating electricity from millions of tons of refuse generated from households every day.

Raheem noted: “Recently, I got calls from a combined Swedish and Norwegian companies asking me if I could lead the introduction of unlimited huge solar farms in Nigeria. Financing the entire technological set ups will be done by us, but the responsible government or private companies will have to agree to certain conditions. I was so happy, that I found it very impossible to sleep for days. Now the technology and financial possibilities are here. And I am to lead it just in Nigeria.”

In the letter to Buhari, he noted: “Now that we have a government of change, I am ready to make this noble contribution for the new government of Nigeria.

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  • AA

    And what has been the president’s response? Why does the reporter not tell us? Why did the paper not contact Aso Rock to find out if the president did get such a letter and what his response is????