Nigerian Libya returnees share dark stories of rape and torture

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Voluntary Repatriation - 161 Nigerians Return From Libya
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Voluntary Repatriation - 161 Nigerians Return From Libya
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Nigerian returnees from Libya have appealed to federal and state governments to provide job opportunities for Nigerian youths to prevent them from endangering their lives looking for greener pasture abroad.

Some of the returnees told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Wednesday in Lagos, that they decided to leave the country because they were jobless.

They said that they travelled to Libya with the hope of crossing to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea in search of jobs. NAN recalls that on Feb.14, 161 Nigerians returned voluntarily from Libya.

They were assisted back home by the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) after being detained for several months in Libyan detention facilities.They arrived in Lagos singing songs of praise and beaming with smiles, thanking their creator for bringing them safely home.

One of the returnees, Miss Bridget Akeamo, an indigene of Anambra, said her parents decided to send her to Italy when all hope of securing job after her school proved abortive.

Akeama, who said she left Nigeria in August last year, returned with four months pregnancy.

She said she was arrested while trying to cross to Italy from Libya by immigration officials.

Akeama said: “Ever since then, I have been moved from one prison to another until I was taken to detention camp in Tripoli.

“We were subjected to inhuman treatment while in prison, from the food we eat to the water we drink.

“Most of the young ladies in detention camp were raped by Libyan officials and if you refused their advances, it will be hell for you.

“Thank God I am back in Nigeria, I know all hope is not lost but it is painful that I will begin from scratch again with my unborn child.”

Stanley Iduh, 34-year-old indigene of Delta, told NAN that he was tricked by an agent popularly known as “Burger that he would facilitate his journey to Spain through Libya.

He said that when his hope of crossing into Spain was dashed in Libya, he decided to stay back and work in the Arab country.

“I worked in Tile producing company and their salary was good but unfortunately I cannot save my money in the bank. I lived with other Nigerians. I dug a hole in the ground to save my money.

“Unfortunately, one day, some Libyans came, kidnapped us and inflicted punishment on us. They asked us to call our relations back in Nigeria and tell them to send N300, 000 as our ransom.

“The 200, 000 US dollars that I saved, disappeared; they moved us to another place until we got to detention camp. Nigerians should be discouraged from travelling to Libya because they are not treating us like human beings.

“Our ladies were dehumanised by Libyan officials, it is very painful,” he said.

Iduh, who said he sold the house left by his late father before travelling to Libya, urged the federal and state governments as well as wealthy Nigerians to create job for the youths.

“It was because I was jobless for three years that I was cajoled to travel abroad to look for greener pasture. I am back in the country after eight months, devastated and humiliated.

“I have gone to look for greener pasture but here I am today; I have brought nothing green back home,” he said with tears running in his cheek.

Paul and Marvellous Isikhuemhen are twin brothers who travelled to Libya in March and May 2016 respectively in search for greener pasture.

Marvellous told NAN that they regretted travelling out of the country because of the bitter encounter they had in Libya. He said that though they secured good job in publishing house in Libya, “it was suffering and smiling’’ until they were given the opportunity to return home through IOM.

Isikhuemhen urged the Nigerian government to stop young ladies from travelling to Libya, saying they were molested by Libyan immigration officials. He said that most Nigerian ladies bribe Nigerian Immigration Officers to secure travel documents to travel to Libya.

Isikhuemhen added that most of the children brought back home by these ladies had no fathers.

“I can boldly tell you that the children you are seeing in their hands and those pregnant ladies are products of Libya immigration officers,” he said.

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  • Alpa Edmond Goodman

    ,,,,, All this STORIES will never change our MIND – SET of travelling abroad . Travelling or rather having someone abroad has become an UNNECESSARY COMPETITION in Nigeria ,,,,,,,,,,, Honestly we are DOOMED FOR THESE SCOURGE in Nigeria.

    • Ojiyovwi

      Expose the mythical good life outside Nigeria and our young people may just find that green, green grasses of home. I know of a lot of Nigerians here in the UK and Ireland republic who are too embarrassed to return home because our folks like the mere idea of their loved one ‘BEING ABROAD’ – that apparent badge of honour. Wake up! Wake up!! from your mad dreams of better life away from home and live and work realistically. There is nothing for you here if there’s nothing for you at home.

  • joelaw

    Unfortunately, there is no country in the world where the government can create jobs for everybody. Our young people should begin to look toward self employment more. Most youths i have encountered are looking for shirt and tie kind of job, majority prove unfaithful and lazy when they even find a job. Many youths are too much in a hurry to build houses and buying cars. The attitude to jobs is deplorable for many, they want to cut corners because they want to be like the JONESES in one day. The capital expended on trying to escape to the ‘lions’ den is what some honest hard working millioneers started with. The spirit of integrity, drive and hard work should be inculcated into our young people, unfortunately all they see around them is nothing but spirit of short cut to riches, embezzlement, greed and impunity. The older generation has disappointed big time, however, there is still hope, the key lies in every home, parents should teach and live lives of integrity, accountability and contentment.

    • Ojiyovwi

      Exactly. Write applications for jobs by all means but have your business plan in place and create your own jobs through self-employment.

  • Ify Onabu

    Story story… story. One of the returnees even sold his inheritance with the intention of travelling though Libya to Europe. Is that not greed? Does it take rocket science to invest that money in some venture and work your way out of poverty? Because you want to come to Europe, you decide that the risk of drowning in the Mediterranean sea is worth taking? Because you want your daughter to become rich, all you do it to package her journey, only for her to be repeatedly raped and impregnated by Libyan officials? It is all about greed. Shame of a nation!

    • Ojiyovwi

      Well said!!!!! Idiots putting their lives at risk, for what?????

      • Augustine

        For way of escape after we destroy Nigeria ??

        • Ojiyovwi

          How stupid, to destroy you pwn home? It amounts defecating in you pants – the smell and the discomfort will all be yours alonel

  • Augustine

    ? ?
    Millions of Nigerians calling for religious war, preaching tribal hate, wishing president dead for political reasons, supporting corrupt treasury looters from their tribe…learn your lessons….Destroy your own homeland, escape to other people’s country, and get raped till your underneath bleed to death ☠?☠

    • Ojiyovwi

      Those who hailed the return of that THEIF Ibori, take note. All right minded Nigerians at home and abroad think you;re idiots. I am one of those who think you’re idiots. He should be taken to serve his long overdue jail term at home and he should be stripped of all his loot.

  • El Bala

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