Oyebola decries states’ dependence on federal allocation


Akande urges revival of agric

A FORMER editor of Daily Times, Chief Areoye Oyebola Wednesday bemoaned the continuous dependence of states on federal allocation, calling on the states to develop resources common or peculiar to their geo-political zone.

   The veteran journalist also called on Nigerians to rescue the country, Africa and the black man from mediocrity, stagnation, confusion and backwardness, to make it among other races of the world by engaging mental revolution.

   Oyebola made this call at the public presentation and launching of the Revised Second Edition of his book “Black Man’s Dilemma” and colloquium on “A review of Africa’s Leadership crisis and its Implications on Development” held at Kakanfo Inn, Ibadan, Oyo State.

   According to him, youths should spearhead this revolution by being inventors other than depending on other countries for survival.

   “In order to make it among all the other races of the world, black people everywhere need a hurricane of change known as Revolution, especially Mental Revolution. Encouraged by the few deep, thoughtful and courageous elders, the black youths of the world must spearhead this revolution, until our very bad situation becomes good and good becomes better.

   “Until intensely patriotic elders and youths release the forces of change, which must be fiercely and unpredictably at work, with every idea and belief now cherished by our race, completely turned upside down and re-examined. The essence of the colloquium is to see eminent men with great minds to find the way out of our recurrent and daily worsening predicament”.

      The author also called on Nigerians to use the forthcoming election to cast their vote for credible candidates so as to move the nation to the next level.

    Chairman of the day, Chief Adebayo Akande said that to ensure that tales of development translate into growth in the country there is need to begin to use what it has within to attain modernity.

   “As poor imitators of everything the white man has done, we have imported goods and ideas that have perpetually landed the continent into problems. As a nation we must begin to see the need to reinvent ourselves technologically, starting with our comparative advantages, so that we can begin to export our productions to parts of the world.

   “If Chief Areoye Oyebola’s call has been heeded almost four decades ago, when agriculture was the mainstay of the economy, we would not today be talking about a Nigeria that does not have jobs for her youth or a country where one dollar equals over N200.

   “The successive administrative governments, seeing the evils of having a monolithic economy, now call for a diversification of the economy from an oil producing country. If we had concentrated so much on Agriculture, the way we had mined our oil, ours will be a country where feeding will be the least of our problems. How will people think about lofty ideas that will land us in the moon, when we are yet to solve foundational problems such as hunger?” He said.

   Akande added that the black man’s greatest Dilemma is the inability to proclaim the truth because of personal self-interest and advised Nigerians to vote with their conscience, as the decision of today will have effect tomorrow.

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